The Official Shane Ross is a horrible cunt Thread

Is there a more hypocritical cunt in the Dail? Apart from current socialist, former property mogul Mick Wallace of course.

I see the great champion of the small man is supplementing his 90k Dail salary+ 40k tax free leaders allowance+ unvouched expenses + his weekly cheque from the Sindo by publishing another book on the financial crises this week.

His 3rd effort in 3 years. This particular one, complied while he sits in the Dail, apparently details the crooks who ruined the country.
I heard Ross with Matt Cooper today making a big deal out of the fact he did not appeal to Revenue after they told him to fuck off having applied for tax exemption for the book. The fucking neck on this creep.
Surely he has better things to be doing with his time than to be writing these books.
What is in these book s that an acting politician could not release to the public by way of a paper released and circulated to the public free, a blog etc
Is it the same shit he writes about every sunday for INM?
Is it ethical that he profits from what is essentially no more than a release of information.

More about Ross…

Encouraged the small man to hoover up Eircom shares and then screamed and shouted at the Board after they tanked, on behalf of the small man of course.
He is drug abuser Eamon Dunphys best mate, another prick.
Turn up at AGMs to represent the small man and get a bit of publicity for himself.
He ran for council and Dail in FG colours. When it suited him of course.
Longest sitting Senator in history, his old man also sucked at that tit, Ross jumped ship to Dail upon first serious threat to to have it scrapped.
Failed stockbroker.

Does anyone know what he has contributed since he joined the Dail that he couldn’t contribute anyway by writing these book and articles.


That is some rant :lol:

A Protestant, I believe.

Didn’t he spend much of the early part of the last decade fawning over the successes of Anglo and Nationwide too? I have quite a strong dislike for him.

Yes, he was also encouraging the small man to buy up Nationwide shares very late in the day.

No doubt.

+1. Great thread. I heard this cunt plugging the book on Marian Finucane on Saturday. The theme of it seems to be that people who failed to call the boom are still in their jobs. Yet here is a cunt who actually called for Seanie Fitz to be Governor of the Central Bank in 2003 who is still in a job as a commentator

I like the guy, voted for him in Seanad elections and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


Seems like he’d make for good conversation.

Great thread, this is the guy who lauded Sean Fitzpatrick and Anglo in 2005 and stated that AIB and BOI should take a leaf out of their book.

Good rant. He has never really registered on my radar tbh. But if you say he is a cunt then he is a cunt.

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Great thread.


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That’s an outstanding privelige to have mate and well done for excercising your right to vote as a member of the coutry’s main Protestant educational establishment

Here is Ross celebrating Fingers Fingleton defeating a no confidence motion brought by the small man at the INBS agm in 2003.


‘YOU should have a prostate job," advised Charlie, the uniformed commissionaire at the Burlington Hotel, Dublin 4, unhelpfully.
I had just surfaced from the tedious AGM of Irish Nationwide, visibly drained. Charlie asked me how the meeting had gone. I muttered a few words about how tediously tiring the skirmish had been.
His cheerful solution for my exhaustion was “a prostate job just like Alan Greenspan”. A bit extreme for AGM fatigue, but Charlie himself had recently volunteered for one and started to regale me with the finer details of his consequent bodily revival.
Not very welcome advice to a flagging 53-year-old; but far more practical than most of the embarrassing nonsense spoken by Brendan Burgess and others of his gang at the Irish Nationwide meeting, billed as the exit of the society’s boss, Michael Fingleton.
After the flop last Thursday, the deflated rebels should top up with Viagra as a reinforcement, or opt for Charlie’s prostate job.
The meeting ended in triumph for the man branded an autocrat. The extent of the boss’s victory - five to one on a motion of confidence - was stunning, considering all the bad publicity and tales of woe peddled about him.
Yet the outcome was puzzling. How could a group of malcontents emerge so badly scarred from a members’ meeting?
The trouble with the rebels was that they were profiteers posing as philanthropists. The rebels want the loot.
Their determination to hasten the sale of the society forced them to parade trophy victims at the AGM. Every hard luck story was told. Members who had not repaid their loans were wheeled out as victims, not defaulters. They lambasted Fingleton for behaving like a businessman, not a benefactor.
Simultaneously they wanted a share flotation, the proceeds of his success, in the form of a ?7,000 payout per member. The lads were invoking Vincent de Paul to enrich themselves. Not a bad trick, if you can get away with it.
But Burgess’s gang didn’t. This was no meeting dominated by fatcat bankers with millions of proxies. It was the little man and little woman’s day out. Every borrower and lender had one vote. And the little people turned against the rebels despite all the pre-AGM hype.
Fingleton’s stewardship can be criticised.
Sure, he needs more heavyweights on the board. Sure, he has been overzealous in his pursuit of defaulters.
Sure, he earns an awful lot of money (?835,000). Sure he has been less than transparent.
But Fingleton, for all his faults, has delivered the only thing that matters in business: profit.
The rebels desperately needed losses as ammunition to fire at their target. At the same time they wanted profit to line their pockets.
There were two turning points in the meeting.
The first was when independent director Con Power spoke up for Fingleton. Con Power - who, when he was a member of Albert Reynolds’s kitchen cabinet, was sometimes wittily dubbed as ‘all con and no power’ - dismissed Burgess’s claim that there was an untoward error in the accounts.
Power, an accountant , convincingly reassured the little people in the audience that a ?9 million adjustment in the profit and loss account was not due to an error, but was merely a timing matter. The society had prudently provided too much for bad debts in the past, incurring a tax liability in later years.
The board was suddenly revealed as having an articulate voice, a man equipped to take on Fingleton, the guy dubbed a dictator, if necessary.
Where were the promised stuffed dummies on the five man board? Michael Walsh, the chairman, was skilful. Dermot Desmond’s right-hand man allowed the rebels to drone on for hours, eventually boring the audience to
As Burgess rose to raise yet another tedious point - after three-and-a-half hours of tedium already - the second key moment occurred.
One of the little people rose to his feet and turned on him. To loud applause he accused the leader of the dissidents of a “filibuster”. At that moment the game was up and it was all downhill for a rebellion without a cause.
Instinctively, many of us go to AGMs with a sympathy for the voices from the floor. In the case of Eircom, First Active, Smurfits and the big banks, the top table was enriching itself while small shareholders were losing vast sums of money. The big battalions were scratching each others’ backs, casting millions of pensioners’ votes in favour of their chums on the podium.
In the Eircom shareholder rebellion, the 4,000 small shareholders in the hall were almost unanimously against the board. In the Nationwide’s case, on Thursday, the average member soon saw the rebels as a threat to their society’s continued success. Fingleton, despite all his abrasiveness, was delivering small riches to them.
‘After the flop last Thursday, the deflated rebels should top up with Viagra as a reinforcement, or opt for Charlie’s prostate job’
In the only show-of-hands vote at the meeting the board won by an overwhelming number.
The punters knew that Fingleton’s salary was too high. But they also knew that figures produced by the Nationwide under his leadership are staggering.
When he took over in 1972, profits were ?44,000. Today they are ?97 million. Assets were ?5.5 million. Today they are ?5.5 billion. The cost-to-income ratio was 53 per cent. Today it is 22 per cent. Reserves have risen from ?210,000 to ?4.3 billion. Branches are up from one to 50. Staff have jumped from seven to 400.
Hardly a good case for dismissal.
Next year, profits are set to rise to ?100 million for the first time. Next year, legislation is due to allow Fingleton to sell the society to a big bank.
If that happens, every qualifying member will reap a reward of maybe as much as ?7,000.
It was a classic example of how not to challenge a board of directors. Real reforms had already been conceded. The wrong target was now being picked at the wrong time. As the meeting progressed, the punters turned against the rebels.
They had blown it.

A lovely hatchet job here on BOI and Mike Soden (standing up for the small man) here where he uses the ‘success’ and ‘spectacular’ figures of INBS and Fingleton as the shining example of how to run a bank.
The first few paragraphs are Liam Cahillesque with regards sneaky mention of Sodens getting unfortunately caught lining up hookers for himself…

THURSDAY told the tale of two Michaels. Both men’s bodies are for sale.
Michael Fingleton’s Irish Nationwide published a cracking set of figures.
Michael Soden’s Bank of Ireland bored us all to tears with another trading statement.
Michael S says his body is “well positioned to harness the positive [color=#009900 ! important]business trends we see in our main markets and to continue to grow profits in the future”. Pause for yawn.
If Michael S is “well positioned” for anything else his body will freeze with paralysis.
Perhaps studied boredom is the BoI’s chosen strategy nowadays? There was a time when the mighty Soden would have looked down his nose at the humble Fingleton. Irish Nationwide was “low rent” compared with the patrician BoI.
Not so today. Fingleton’s colourful reputation is being outstripped by the leader of the cartel. A trifle too colourful of late. And a bit “low rent” itself.
Two weeks ago the BoI was caught supporting a porn company. Forget the moral outrage, but question the judgement. Fingleton might fly by the seat of his pants but he would never be found backing the vice industry.
And some clown in the BoI tried to brazen out the porn fiasco by initially justifying it, before they all caved in to Joan Burton[/url] of the [url=“”]Labour Party and others who drew the line at bankers backing porn.
Elsewhere, the Bank of Ireland is more embarrassed than the Nationwide by the number of offshore accounts its Irish clients held in the Isle of Man and other tax hideaways. Normally, you might expect a Mickey Mouse building society to be on the Isle of Man circuit, but not the stuffy old BoI. Yet the blue bloods have gone native and are learning tribal tricks. The BoI’s trading statement failed to mention any of these awkward little issues. Instead, it adopted the strategy of boredom. It desperately tried to be stuffy. And it was successful.
The numbers were pedestrian. The commentary was soporific. Well then, what was on the way? Nothing much. Except a forecast of a very dull less than 10 per cent growth in profits before tax.
There was plenty on the way down at the Irish Nationwide. The building society is on the verge of sale. The figures were sparkling. Members with adequate savings or mortgages are in for a ?7,000-plus bonanza.
Michael F’s cost-to-income ratio at 21.4 per cent must be the envy of Michael S. Fingleton’s return on total average assets at 2.03 per cent was far superior to Soden’s at 1.22 per cent. He even leaves superstar Sean Fitzpatrick’s Anglo Irish standing, with only 1.54 per cent.
All Fingleton’s figures are spectacular. Pre-tax profits are up 20 per cent. Gross lending rose by 72 per cent.
Both Michaels’ bodies are benefiting from the mortgage and property boom. But when it is over, where will they be?
We know where Fingleton wants to be. His ambition: to sell out to a big bank. He is priming the pump for a buyer, probably a foreigner.
We haven’t an iota where Soden is heading. The reason: nor does he. Two failed ventures seem to have driven him into his shell, waiting for a saviour or - as he likes to put it - "well positioned for . . . "
The current Bank of Ireland policy is to buy back as many of its own shares as possible. Its appetite for acquisitions apparently ended by two fiascos, it is using all its spare cash to buy its own stock.
Last Thursday it had bought back nearly 50 million shares, at a cost of ?510m, at an average share price of ?10.44. On Friday night they were still losing money as the shares closed at ?10.40. The operation has been pointless. It has not yet even cancelled the shares, which, at least, would increase earnings per share for all those remaining.
What a wonderful way to spend shareholders’ money! No wonder the share price has been a dog. BoI investors completely missed out on the year-long market recovery. Imagine how much lower the price would have been if the 50 million shares had not been mopped up by the house. It is a sure sign of the lack of investor confidence in the management. Was anyone else buying?
Why does Bank of Ireland not return some of its cash pile to investors? What about a special dividend? Five hundred million would not go astray.
We mugs in Bank of Ireland stock could do with the income.
Fingleton is about to return the Irish Nationwide to the punters. If he manages to sell out they will extract a return from him which we BoI shareholders will never even contemplate.
Funnily enough, Fingleton still has a few dissident shareholders barking at his heels despite his performance. It is difficult to discern their gripes or their aims, except that one of their number, Brendan Burgess, seems to want a seat on the board. But it would be sinful to upset the Nationwide applecart just as it is about to deliver the fruit. Soden could do with a few more dissidents.
Fingers has a problem of style. A spin doctor’s nightmare, he has few of the social graces associated with the gentility of the BoI ascendancy tradition. He mixes with rough diamonds like Ben Dunne, Noel Smyth, Dermot Desmond, Michael Smurfit, Sean Mulryan and PJ Mara. The sort of people who make a few bob, entrepreneurs who can cut a deal. They talk business, not bull.
So what would a poor punter with twenty grand do? Give it to Michael F or Michael S?
I have already made a muggins of myself. I bought Bank of Ireland stock a few months ago at just above these levels. It seemed then that some predator would see value, pounce, cull the semi-State ethos, and sweat the BoI assets once the present incompetents had walked away with their golden handshakes.
It may well still happen. But I could have done better. I should have bought into the Nationwide. Anyone who has a spare twenty grand might still have time to “carpet bag”. It needs legislation to allow Fingers to sell. It is anyone’s guess whether the law will be changed, the society sold and the cash paid out within the required two-year period.
It is a small consolation that Soden’s Bank of Ireland pays a dividend of 4.3 per cent at Thursday’s closing levels. Fingers will not be able to match that with his deposit interest. But 4.3 per cent will be futile if my small investment keeps shrinking.
I am stuck, hoping that someone will take pity on poor Michael S. But on the basis of Thursday’s spectacular statement from Michael F, the Nationwide payout could be even higher than the generally predicted ?7,000.
Michael Soden’s body hardly offers such titillation.

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