The Official Superhero Movie Thread


Ant-Man and the Wasp is pretty pedestrian. All the old Marvel criticisms are validly back. Weak villain, weak humour etc… Like Dr. Strange, first post credit scene is worth the ticket price alone. The path for Ant-Man to be a huge factor in the Infinity War sequel is there for all to see.


The PZ?


Elastigirl kicks ass in the new incredibles movie, baby Jack Jack could be anything



Fuck sake!!!


What exactly are the offending tweets?


Fuckin hell




He publicly apologised 6 years ago, odd to do this now you’d suggest. That’s the way it’s gone now


That’s his career ruined, no one will go near him he’s kryptonite now!


He most likely never has to work again


And Jon Schnepp died.



We’re one step closer to the MCU gaining a shit load more characters.


It’s just the X-Men and the Fantastic 4 that they don’t have the rights to, yeah? Spidey is in the hoose already.


Yeah but there’s a lot in those. They probably need help on meaningful villain side once they move past Thanos and this certainly helps there.


Move past Thanos? Thanos fucking won pal.


100%, sure they’ll have reboot the whole lot after that baytin.