The Official Superhero Movie Thread


OMFG guys, he’s coming


Holy fucking shit! Go see it quickly. Couldn’t even attempt to grade it. Wouldn’t even know where to start.


What’s this?


New Avengers movie. Released today.


Unreal?? Goin Saturday for the birthday with herself!




Will she bring you for a big Mac after it?


No,a meal in the Steakout if you must know!


There’s just so much in it. 18 movies worth of payoffs in two and a half hours. Avoid spoilers at all costs. It’s exactly what it needed to be.


That was fucking brilliant. I might go again before the weekend is out.
Thanos’ movie, really and Brolin does a great job. Nidgey is good oul craic too for as long as he’s in it.


As expected Infinity War is making ALL the money.

Most successful opening weekend of all time globally with $641m [$100m over previous record and did so without China, which would have given another $150m at least and also without Russia]
Most successful opening weekend of all time in North America beating The Force Awakens record by $10m.

On course to be the 4th ever movie to make over $2 billion.


A great show. Might go again.


Brilliant,Josh Brolin is getting some career revival with Thanos and Cable.




Went to see Deadpool 2 last week. It was good. Nothing amazing. Didn’t change a whole lot of the formula from the first movie. Vastly inferior to Infinity War. Speaking of which…

Infinity War is on track to break $2 billion. And it’s totally deserved. An absolute masterpiece within the genre.

Antman and the Wasp is up next. Isn’t out in Ireland until August. Probably not too far away from getting a Captain Marvel trailer.


Finally saw IW. Entertaining film. Great cast. I’m a big Bettany fan, shame Vision is a bitch throughout.

Going to be interested to see how they adjust and surprise the audience for part four. The timestone reversing everything won’t cut it as everyone know thats coming. Going to have to retire or kill off a couple of big names.


@cluaindiuic, have you watched Legion? Read an article about it, sounds great. Available to stream anywhere?


Watched first season. It’s very psychedelic but it’s decent. Haven’t got around to second yet. Have a long flight in a couple of weeks, might barrel through it then.