The Official Superhero Movie Thread



Well at least the cameos will stop

RIP, my thoughts are with Brodie at this difficult time


Just have Thanos dust him in Captain Marvel post credit.



Avengers: Endgame

For those who have been here since the beginning.
For those who have joined along the way.
For the best fans in the Universe.
This trailer is for you…
With much love and gratitude for your patience,
The RB’s




Today Sony release their Spiderman: Far From Home trailer…

Here’s a preview:

Peter: Damn I’m upset that Mr. Rogers and Mr. Stark died. But at least we were able to revert the damage Thanos caused and destroy the infinity stones so it never happens again.

Ned: What

Peter: Nothing



It’ll just be a rolling two minute clip saying spoiler


How many hours until Spidey?


I think the avengers one landed at 1pm UTC. Assuming the same pattern, 0.5 hours.


Steve will never die. He’s retiring to a farm.


I think he will doc brown it back to the wild west to be with peggy.


Spidey trailer delayed until December 18th


They made a hames of Aquaman. Went too far with the Disney fantasia underwater mess.


Just been to see it was a bit shit. Basically a re-telling of the king Arthur story. Amber Heard was a bit of alright in it.


About 45 minutes too long also


Was thinking about bringing the nephews when I noticed the runtime! 2hrs23! Jaysus, no need for that.


This new animated Spiderman movie is getting great reviews




I liked Aquaman. I’m not really sure why, but I did. It’s a mixed bag. I’m choosing to see the good in it. It feels a bit like the greatest hits of other movies. Some call that plagiarism. I’m waving at it.

Atlantis is basically the Wakanda of the DC universe. A hidden technologically advanced kingdom coming into the public eye…

So one minute you’re watching Black Panther, next minute it’s Indiana Jones, then it’s Winter Soldier, then its Neverending Story, then it’s Return of the King. It sounds like a total mess but I enjoyed it. On the negative side of things, it runs a little long and some of the sequences are a bit over indulgent and convoluted. In saying that there are one or two sequences are truly spectacular. Particularly the rooftop one.

Overall it is very good world building for the DC universe. If they do some kind of Flashpoint reboot and hold onto Aquaman and Wonder Woman while resetting Batman and Superman they have a chance to go somewhere. But the whole things needs some structure and leadership. I shan’t hold my breath.