The Official Superhero Movie Thread


It’s good. Not amazing or anything but decent entertainment and a clever way of introducing further Spiderman characters into the mix. The post credit scene is genius. Looks like they’ll be going hard at time travel in the sequel.


New spiderman teaser trailer released today…looks decent.



Just watched this. Good enough laugh


Apparently director Kinberg has given away part of the movie plot when commenting on this trailer. That lad is an idiot. I do not have high hopes.


OMG OMG etc…


While I’m at it, Captain Marvel is good. Not amazing or anything but solid origin story. Does a bit of a backwards forwards thing. If you haven’t seen it and you intend to, I’d watch it before watching this trailer.

Felt like a long Buffy episode. It’s based in the mid 90s. Star of the show is Goose the cat. Some really nice connections to other movies in there. Liked it more than Black Panther, Antman & Wasp and Doctor Strange.


How did you rate those last three out of interest?


Three of them were a bit meh to me.


Also, Captain Marvel has a mid credit scene and post credit scene.


Finally(as edit is broken), Fox and Disney merger is being completed next week. That means Endgame post credit scenes could include Xmen or Fantastic 4 characters.


@cluaindiuic ignoring the films title but is this the final Avengers movie or what? I presume if X men and F4 come in we will need Galactus as the villain.


They’re probably going to release the names of the next 10 movies like they did 5 years ago. But that won’t come until after Endgame. There’s also stuff around contracts running out with some of the main stars. e.g. Evans, Downey, Hemsworth.

Endgame is wide open to go any number of ways and it needs to be as it’s the culmination of 11 years and 20+ movies. And the fact that they’ve given away so little is great news. The 4 main stars of the original run are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor. This is the end of the road for some or all of them and they’ll pivot to a new 4 of Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spiderman and Doctor Strange. Whether they kill people off or retire them so they can cameo further down the line is up in the air. They could do some kind of giant reset which introduces mutants and/or Galactus. In fact they hint at it in the trailer.


Any chance ALF will make an appearance?


No but Howard the Duck was in the Guardians movie.


A reset would be shit. No one wants to see origins again or different actors play the same heroes. Introducing X-Men would be difficult at this stage too.


I think they’ll take their time introducing mutants into the MCU. They’ll leave it until people have forgotten about the Fox incarnation. The slate of next few years might be a bit light compared with what we’ve had recently. Mooted upcoming movies here include:
Spiderman Far From Home
Black Widow
Guardians 3
Black Panther 2
Doctor Strange 2
Captain Marvel 2
Ant Man 3

That’s before you do anything with any of the Fox characters. There is talk of doing Secret Wars and Avengers vs Xmen. That’s a decent way off though.


Great news.


What a win for Gunn against the trolls. I hope he goes bananas on twitter some time shortly.


Disney now owns pretty much everything