The Official TFK Coffee Thread

A thread for individuals who like a nice cup of coffee either at home or while they are out.

I currently like the following, Rombaudts Original Blend in the pre-made filters, Lavazza Crema e Gusto for the cafetiere and Nestle Dolce e Crema Americano pods for the little coffee machine I have.


Dungeon with this foul shit

Have had 3 cups today and i’m buzz buzz buzzing :slight_smile: :shakefist: :o

hows the 16/8 fasting going?

Bewleys coffee is your only man. Lavazza is fairly nice too. Insomnia coffee tastes like a HIV riddled Guatemalian prisoner just diarrohea-ed into my mouth. The new Nestle instant one isn’t bad for an instant-can’t think of the name of it.

Great - I was up at 6 today tho and the fast wasn’t ending until 12.30 so I needed a little help from coffee for the first time.

I have definitely noticed a major increase in energy levels tho (Not coffee related before some cunt bag says it) where before I might have hit a slump in the evening, now I’m full of go- I think it is even affecting my sleep slightly as I have been waking up after 4 hours every night and it takes a while to dosze off again. Training wise, it’s hard to tell yet, as I am only a week in and last weekend and this weekend are two big boozed filled social events so I wont know more on that for a few weeks.

All in all, feeling good and eating less with more energy.

Have a Philips Senseo which does a decent enough instant.

For the cafetiere I have lavazza qualita rossa and bewleys Kenyan blend…

Anyone got a decent machine?

what kind of scumbag drinks instant coffee?

might start that myself

it sounds good

Got about 2 hours sleep last night…

Had my first coffee this afternoon in about 8 weeks…

I am fu(king floating here.

Someone who likes coffee but doesn’t pass by a coffee shop during their daily grind*… Like me.

  • You should know what this means.

I’ve a bialetti stove top espresso maker, makes great coffee without buying an expensive machine and looks class. Illy coffee is great. Got an amazing bag of coffee in Wholefoods recently, think it was their own organic brand and it was the colombian one, pretty cheap too, was a really good coffee. I find coffee in Ireland to be far too often watery and crap.

I hate starbucks.

You get over the hunger pangs fairly easily with water especially after waking- It’s far worse if you eat a breakfast then fast for the day.

Starbucks beans arent too bad…

Have a bialetti also, they’re a good job…

Breakfast makes you hungry mate. Fact.

What is this? I am guessing not eating from 1600 to 0800? If so, can you briefly outline what types of food you are eating and when please? I’ve been doing something like it recently but not sure about it as starving go to bed. Thanks Paulie.

Starbucks is awesome.


Anyway - Do it the other way around and eat a few hours before going to bed and fast through the night into the first 4/5 hrs of the day.

This site has it all… mate!