The Official TFK Coffee Thread

They do a home version…I’d say youd pick one up for under 2k…no bother to you. Paulie bought one for Mrs Soprano iirc

Are coffee beans in Nespresso not bright in from afar as well? So if it’s bad enough beans for all coffee have huge ecological footprint, why make it worse by adding a lump of extra plastic every time you want a cup?

If you recognize the problem, why compound it- is Nespresso’s taste worth the added impact?

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You’re like a lad smoking 60 fags a day chastising a lad who smokes 65 fags a day about the risks of lung cancer.

You need to do your bit and give up your hot beverage of choice.

You’re a brand whore!

Tassimo FTW
I’m not a coffee man though

Which one was George Clooney drinking at yhe party when the good looking woman started giving him the eye. That’s the one to go for

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The gold roast one.



Don’t waste the money on those machines taking pods. Shit coffee & expensive pods……

Go the whole hog and buy a Barista style unit and buy the beans that you enjoy.

Well worth the extra few quid if you like your coffee.

Stick to instant otherwise.


Five gadgets to perk up your coffee game - Five gadgets to perk up your coffee game | Financial Times via @FT

This decision got taken out of my hands at the weekend lads. I took juhy junior off to a football game in kilkenny and mrs j took my one for all voucher to harvey normans. She bought a flash looking nespresso machine that will cost us even more in fancy coffee pods. Apparently she only wanted the machine but they only had the machine with a free milk foamer, for an extra 50 quid…
Anyway where is my best bet for cheap pods over the internet for this thing…

Did I not explain clearly to you to NOT do that? :tired_face:


You did mate. You all did. But her mate has this machine. If the entirety of tfk had turned up at the door and pleaded with her not to it would have made no difference. We are where we are.

Now. Do you know where i can get cheap coffee pods. Were nearly finished the extravagant display box that came with it…

Any of the supermarket pods work in those i think. I’m not afan of the coffee from those machines

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I see Old Barracks are doing pods for it now.

Get the metal pods if non brand - the plastic (non brand ) ones break them


You want to put the cheapest coffee you can into it so you can then complain that the coffee out of it is shite.


No mate. Ive already been fucked once by nespresso. Id like not to be fucked repeatedly by them.

Dunnes do a pack of 8 for 2 euro. They’ve a few different flavours/strengths

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I have no be of those at work so I’ve been through most of the options

The nespresso brand are definitely no better than some of the supermarket ones
If you ever feel like splashing out the illy are the best but they’re pricy
The Costa and Starbucks ones are absolutely fine, there’s a nice Japanese one that tesco do (Ueshima) that’s one of the better ones, the dunnes signature ones are fine.

But unfortunately you’ll never get really good coffee from it :man_shrugging:

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