The Official TFK Farming Thread

He can’t process anything if it’s not sent. Farmers don’t want to suffer short term pain for long term gain

Tell that to the bank,they’re very easy to deal with

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Would that not be a relief to Kerry who have had an oversupply of milk the last while is my understanding…

What other options in that neck of the woods?
North cork

Milk supply is on the decline and over 10% back this year.

I think it’s a small % of their business overall and is seen as an annoyance.

Dairygold would be the only option I think

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Assume that’s weather related…my understanding is they had far too much milk being produced 18 months or so ago and were considering asking fellas to reduce supply which was going to go down like a lead baloon

Yes those are both true.

There are also two new restrictions on fertilizer allowance that have been introduced since then which have had an affect too. It limits stocking rates based on the cows production (banding) and you have to register all fertiliser purchases. Your allowance, mostly P & K, is also determined by soil samples.

Most co-ops don’t expect to see the volumes from 2022 ever again, plenty of retirement sales in the works

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Are farmers in the free state getting grants for spreading lime?

Yeah but the cost of it increased by the grant amount funnily enough

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Offaly good

You’re not getting it. He controls the offal too.
When competition comes in and offers farmers better prices he leaves them sitting in the stink of offal, they have no where to put it. So it’s play ball or go home.

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You’ve turned into the biggest baby going, even denying facts now.

Parnell St

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Tipp Co Op is in big trouble apparently, talk is it won’t see Christmas

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You’ll see more of this, people have had enough.


Proper order too

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There should be grants for uzi 9mms


And a hedage cheque for every robber you shoot


Well men, thoughts?

See a share of rushes being baled up in Kerry for bedding this winter.

Heydon hits out at McConalogue over straw scheme suspension - Free?