The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Poor Fran got fuck all for father’s day.


A joke of a day along with Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc.

Fools and their money…


Fran is seething with his kids.


You saying @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr’s Mrs and daughters are fools?

That’s harsh, I’d say you didn’t even get a card with the seethe on display here.


Don’t be consumed by bitterness, pal. Embrace the love of your family and stop trying to take the jam out of my fucking doughnut.


I didn’t think you would be one of the plebs to succumb to this commercialism


I’m not, I think it’s disgusting… He’ll be getting a car at Christmas I presume… Still, your own lot could have at least got you a card or made you breakfast… My heart is breaking for you here, mate.


I hope Mrs Fran cops on and sends one of the kids down the shops for a large bar of Cadburys before Fran takes it out on the whole family


I won’t be happy now until I get a new phone or maybe an Xbox


Just get him some drink and he’ll be happy.


The off licence don’t open til 12.30 on a Sunday. He could of gone postal by then


Dig in there, boss.

I’m easily impressed by my children, not that I’d ever let them know it.

My old phone was fucked anyway.


the misses is still in bed here. I think i’ll make myself some boiled eggs and head for the sand dunes with the dogs.


Will you be expecting a card in the post yourself from that young fella down the road whose trampoline you assembled last year?


What I was really hoping for was Mrs. Fran to wish me a happy Father’s Day on Facebook and do one of those photo collages with me spending time with my kids which shows how good a father I am


Oooft, that’s an awful snipe at poor @Gman



Try harder next year fran



It’s just hit me, I’m a shit father


There is a fella i know who i suspected was a wonderful father but his wife just confirmed it on Facebook earlier. Lovely for him to get a bit of validation like that.

Cunt has a load of likes now too


He’ll be buzzing for the day after that