The Official TFK Fingal and on the way to Fingal (from central Dublin) Take Away Thread


Il Fornaio, Kilbarrack. Great pizza and pasta joint. Not cheap, but a very well run establishment who always have your food ready when they say they will. Very good bruschetta, spaghetti and meatballs.


Indeed. Long been a favourite of mine. Pity they don’t deliver but I reckon they think that would lower the tone.

For delivery options I get my pizzas from Pizza Hut Delivery in Kilbarrack or Brezzies in Portmarnock, my traditional chipper from Di Angelo’s in Kilbarrack and and my Chinese from Golden Elephant in Sutton.

Any idea whether Kanoodle would deliver to South Fingal?


Doubt it and I’d say you’d be doing yourself a favour to pick it up yourself. Reports of delays on delivery are horrendous. I’d say they are struggling to cope with demand.

My own takeaway roster at present is as follows
Pizza. Il Fornaio, Brezzies.
Indian. Bombay Pantry, Fairview.
Chinese. Golden Elephant, Sutton.
Fish and Chips. Beshoffs, Howth.
Burgers. MacDonalds, Donaghmede.
Thai. Kanoodle, Clontarf.
Kebabs. Kebab Magic, Marino Mart.
Tex Mex. El Paso, Howth.


the best kebas in dublin are in the epicurian centre near the haypenny bridge off the quays


Read the thread title you fucking eejit. That place is neither in Fingal nor on the way to Fingal.


where the fcuk does fingal start and end? and more importantly, who gives a shit?


Ah for the love of jaysus.


is this just a posh way of saying the north side?


I only live in administrative Fingal so I don’t feel adequate enough to post on this thread, I’ll leave it to real Fingal people like TASE to contribute meaningfully.


You are just being ridiculous now.


yes, and thats completely in tune with this thread, tex mex in howth, FFS


Fuck off Kid


Spent a good half hour there trying to get through to Kanoodle but to no avail so giving up and will get a Chinese instead. They seem to have a had a few problems with water pressure this week so not even sure they’re back open properly or taking orders but their phones seem to be down anyway.


Glad to hear you are comfortable enough to use the phone these days, pal


I actually had Mrs Rocko use the phone. We had an argument afterwards over my refusal to ring the Chinese either as I stated that my “bags not ringing the noodles place” was transferable to ringing the Chinese even though she tried to bags that separately.


I guessed as much. I’d imagine the thought of trying to pronounce the dishes’ names would have had you in a sweat.


Should there be a seperate thread for phone-shy weeners?


Super capricciosa pizza, garlic bread and Greek salad from Brezzies in Portmarnock tonight washed down with a surprisingly nice pinotage recommended by Jus De Vine next door.


i am thiking of heading to howth for a tex mex


It’s a bit of a trek from East Clare? But if you have a longing for it off you go.