The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread

I think this era deserves a thread of its own so that we can cast aspersions on the mealy mouthed attempts to commemorate the actions of the heroes who founded the State.

I’ll kick off with this report of a speech by Bobby Ballagh which sets out a few home truths.

THE GOVERNMENT plan to balance the commemoration of those who fought in the Easter Rising and the War of Independence with an honouring of the “imperialist slaughter” of the first World War does a disservice to those whose sacrifice led to Irish freedom, according to artist Robert Ballagh.

Speaking at a commemoration at Fitzgerald Park in Cork to remember War of Independence guerilla leader Tom Barry, Ballagh said Barry and his comrades were not motivated by some abstract notion of freedom but by a desire to create a genuine republic.

He said he had great concerns about the programme being drawn up by the Government to mark “the decade of commemoration”, as he believed it was aimed at diminishing the events upon which the modern Irish State was founded, such as the Easter Rising and the War of Independence.

“They talk of ‘balancing’ the 1916 Rising with the battle of the Somme’s imperialist slaughter in a genuine spirit of partnership. As a citizen of the Irish Republic, I know of no other self-respecting republic whose government would seek to diminish the foundation stone of that republic,” he said.

“Can you imagine any US president or French president calling for the proud republican commemorations of the 4th of July or Bastille Day on the 14th of July to be muted or balanced by commemorations of North American loyalism or the Bourbon dynasty ?

“This republic can only honour its own War of Independence, not the imperialist Great War,” said Ballagh, adding that those Irish who died in foreign wars were already properly and rightly remembered in the National Day of Commemoration each July.

He quoted Cumann na nGaedheal minister for justice Kevin O’Higgins, whom he described as “hardly the darling of Republicans”, to support his view that the Irish Government should not officially commemorate the first World War. “Notwithstanding that his own brother, Michael, had perished in Flanders in a British army uniform, the Cumann na nGaedheal minister for justice proclaimed the following in the Dáil in 1927,” Ballagh told the 100-strong gathering, before quoting O’Higgins.

“‘No one denies the sacrifice and no one denies the patriotic motives which induced the vast majority of these men to join the British army to take part in the Great War, and yet it is not on their sacrifice that this State is based and I have no desire to see it suggested that it is,” he quoted.

He suggested Ireland would be be better advised to look towards Tom Barry and his comrades, whose sacrifices were aimed at creating a republic based on the principles enunciated in the 1916 proclamation and the democratic programme of the first Dáil.

“We would be well served to acknowledge and learn from the vision and bravery and sacrifice of heroes like Tom Barry rather than seek to mute their achievement and balance it with other historical events which played no part in our struggle for freedom,” he added.

Because that’s how decisions should be made. It’s only ok if the French president approves of it.

Interesting program on TV3 at the minute, “In The Name Of The Republic”. A look at the darker side of the IRA movement during the War Of Independence.

As it happens I am watching a show I recorded months ago on TG4 about Ernie O’Malley. What a man this guy was.

They shot a few spies and collaborators?

Pretty lopsided stuff i thought from the last half hour i saw.

They reckoned there was anything from 30 to 90 “spies” shot & buried in some woods in the Cork.

Was that Peter Hart guy on it? He loves making up tales of blood curdling IRA massacres and the like.

Doubt it. Didn’t he die a few years ago? The Provos poisoned him.

War is a dirty business and there is very little doubt that these boyos were in league with the Tans

Is this the thread to talk about the torturing of prisoners and the killing of Protestant families or what.

Never heard that. He was a young enough man too I thought. Maybe it was the provos.

The fella presenting the program name checked that cunt a few times alright.

If it happened between 1912 & 1923 then yes it is.

Plenty of dirt to go around on all sides I imagine. The sainted image of the Republicans martyrs will fade in time as well.

Good looking fellow though.

Those boys below in cork lost the run of themselves altogether. Shooting elderly women and children, brave boys.

Hart is dead alright. He died at 46 And Meda Ryan had exposed him as a liar before he died. He made up phantom sources to back up tales of the false surrender at Kilmichael and the Protestant genocide. God rest him but he was a lying cunt of the highest order and worse he was posing as an academic and cunts like Myers quote him as if he were gospel.

Apparently some farmer was ploughing a field a few years back and dug up a load of bodies.

Fucking A Fagan. :clap: