The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


Any books / articles about Clare during revolutionary period? cc @Raylan @Watch_The_Break

I know there’s the one by O’ Ruiric (sic) but is it any good?

I’ve gotten access to a recently discovered archive which contain the papers of the head IRA man in Clare at this time…some serious correspondence and official paper work. There’s all kinds of transcripts, maps, letters, drill instructions etc etc. And it was about to be thrown in a skip…


Would you not write a book yourself? There’s a rough draft at least on here.


Will you pay me to do it?

Anyway, I could very well end up doing it on the back of this archive.


Colouring book?


I’ll proof read it for free.


I have these two, bucko. If they are of any interest pm me and I’ll send them on.


The O’Rourke one is the only one I’ve read myself. I’ll have an ask around of the local historians.


That’s great kid… I’ll get my hands on them.


From a military point of view the Kilmichael ambush along with Tom Barrys memoirs has been studied from Nazi Germany to Japan to West point in the US and the NVA.It has been hailed as one of the best examples of guerilla warfare and also a prime example of creating an almost perfect kill zone by exploiting the terrain in you favour.


Ye can’t bate the auld farmers for knowing the terrain


You’re going to burgle my house?


As a last resort, yes.


One of those weekends he’s blowing about being down in Dunmore, up on the train and ransack the place.


I’ll wait till he is back on his feet…make it a fair chase.


Don’t ransack the house. I’ll leave them out on the desk in the library for you.


Largely by Tom Barry, in fairness.


Very un-Cork like…


Tom was very fond of himself in fairness



Tom learnt from the best, the British army