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Alexander Will - the first Black and Tan killed in Ireland - of course he was a scotch man.





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The site of the barracks is where the Bank of Ireland stands now. The story is documented from the volunteers side in “Limerick’s Fighting Story” and other works of that ilk. It was kind of tasty in Kilmallock in those days.


Killed only one month from retirement. Like a bad cop film


There was huge West Limerick IRA involvement in that attack was there not? There was an IRA man from North Kerry killed in that attack and he was buried in a night time ceremony in Templeglantine Graveyard by IRA men from Templeglantine and Tournafulla. His body was carried from Kilmallock to outside Newcastle West and the place was crawling with Tans, Auxies and RIC. To get him up the hills and into safety the local IRA organised a diversion (I think it was a Hurling match which were outlawed at the time) and they were able to get him out the Strand Road and up the hills to Tournafulla and on to Templeglantine. The intention at that stage was to get this man’s body home to North Kerry. On being informed Abbeyfeale was a no go area and the crown forces were all over the area in general they made the decision to Bury him under darkness in Templeglantine in the old cemetery up by Devon Road. He is still there to this day. Name escapes me but I think his first name was Liam?? My Great grandfather organised the diversion in Newcastle West I am told and took a fair beating from the Tans along with others arrested there


Scroll down to 28/5/1920 and its there.

Liam Scully is the man’s name. His grave has been well maintained since. RIP.


Great link, pal. :+1:


Very fine monument and information at he site of the Kilmichael ambush, it would send shivers down your spine.


Did it this time last year. Well worth a visit.


Especially where the crown forces were called what they were - terrorists.


How far is it from the city?


I’d say it’s about an hour, between Macroom and Dunmanway, worth a detour certainly


Lovely…next time I’m off to Kerry I’ll deffo check it out.


Are you certain? I recall the odd reference to the Macroom castle Auxies ‘terrorising’ the locals but don’t recall them being labeled terrorists in the plaques


Here ya go. May need to zoom in. Definitely worth a trip down. Paid a local historian with a bottle of Jameson for a 2 hr history lesson down there one time. Best money I ever spent.


I don’t remember that one, is it the one on the bend on the Dunmanway side where Barry himself was positioned?
Anyway it’s an impressive site, well worth a look


The sun in the West it was sinking,
It was the eve of a cold winters day
When the tans we’d be eagerly waiting
sailed into the spot where we lay
They were all on the road to kilmichael
And never expecting to stop
They there met the boys from the column
Who made a clean sweep of the lot


Got a good pic of that one,


Terrorist officers. I like that


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