The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


Could be a good idea but the trailer looks more like an ad for the wardrobe dept


Indeed .


On this day, 1920, the Tans burnt Cork City to the ground.


And all we ever hear in the songs is the bad stuff eh?



I was teeing it up but wasn’t expecting it from you.


An interesting take on 11 Nov 1918 in Dublin




Any one watching this?


Why are the people on the streets and the correspondents all dressed in early 20th C. attire while the fuckos in the studio are in modern dress?


Captain Redmond looking very sharp there next to this corner boy.


I’m all for promoting an equal society - but women being asked to voice their opinion on politics in 1918 would have been sparse, particularly a black women in Ireland at that time.


On another man’s wound


Ah but that was the "REAL sinn Fein,not the current good Friday chocolate soldiers


it has not


Who are you, and where are you from, and what do you know about it?


Having lived in Derry for 20 yes plus,being a former member of SF I’d say more than u could imagine


I’ve got you now. You’re 20 years old, made it as far as university, joined up on freshers day, left after freshers week and let your membership expire
Carry on for the time being


Don’t give a fcuk what u think being quite honest little boy


You finally have someone to talk to .


Put your head back in the box