The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


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I should grow some vegetables.


You could grow them on your wall


@chocolatemice how was Dev elected to the Dáil in two constituencies in 1918?



What would those cunts in Kerry know about it in fairness?


The summer sun is sinking low behind the field and lea
The pale moon light is shining bright far off beyond Tralee
The dismal stars and the clouds afar are darkening o’er the moor
And the Banshee cried when young Dalton died in the Valley of Knockanure


What tune is that to?


The Valley of Knockanure


North Kerry wouldn’t have been too bad I suppose they offered at least a bit of token resistance. The South Kerry chaps were hiding under the bed along with most of the rest of the country.


Drumboe martyrs,3 kerrymen one Derry man, executed by free state cowards


Kerry came into it during the civil war — not a lot during the so called war of independence


Think my grandfather would disagree,unless he was locked up in 3 different prisons for nothing?


Duagh,listowel, around abbeyfeale(co L)


FFS there’s parts of Ireland where there wasn’t a shot fired


Did you ever read about the Seige at Clashmealcon Caves near Ballybunion?


Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick was hot enough but can’t be claimed as Kerry area operations. Very much led by proud Abbeyfeale and Limerick men and women, most of whose families are still prominent in the area.

The Civil War got dirty in Kerry alright. Templeglantine man David ‘Spy in the Castle’ Nelligan was busy back that direction


Granda was a kerryman,based around abbeyfeale,pub still in the family ( jack Fitzgeralds,hope it’s still there)family home road to duagh,


Jack was my grandad bro,granda was a ra man,Thomas Fitzgerald