The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”


Kathryn Thomas


If we were to do this thread properly it would be 10,000 posts long before the end of the week. Every cunt on TFK for starters.


Gemma O’Doherty


Too late bro, you’re gonna be hearing a lot more of the voice of GO’D over the coming weeks.


She didn’t get enough votes?


Oh she’s not going to be quietened at this stage though. She’s too far gone.

Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er


An absolute pain in the hole that wan.


Ah for fuck sake.

Do we really need a thread to highlight that this one is a pain in the hole?

It has been mentioned on many different threads all over the forum.


Fagan needs to put a sock in it.


Fuckers who have a child and then go on about it as if they’re unique and privileged are a complete pain in the hole. Her Instagram post reminds me I want to share a pic of my young lad on twitter though.


Look at this clipe with his hat on …take the hat off and put a sock in it you cunt.


The real issue here is why RTE printing that bint’s thought on her baby is part of its public service broadcasting remit .


Why would he put a sock in a hat?






You’d swear no one ever had a child before.


Indeed .


I see the misogynists are out in force.


And the reverse misogynists. Lads like @Bandage who stick socks in their jocks then give out to themselves in public for having a lad. It’s gone plain mental.