The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”


A nation holds its breath…


as it should do when KH alumni are talking


My auld lad would be +1ing you here mate.

He despises Kathryn Thomas. She gives him “the willies” (his words), which is not a way of him saying she gives him the horn.

Everytime she appears on telly, he’d be saying ‘not this fucking one again? Have rte got nobody else’, blah blah blah. I think it’s just old age grumpiness setting in for him


That’s a lovely little anecdote about your father.


Why did I click on that :expressionless:. Damn you O’Dowd


She’s a gowl.


The neediest cunt in Oireland.



Another fucking creep.


He is an insufferable cunt


Lay off @Fagan_ODowd lads. He’s sound*

*Most days


I’d say he likes to wear her knickers as well.


Gemma seems to have completely forgotten about her previous frantic protestations that he wasn’t anti-vax.

She’s owning it big time now.

It’s like Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan is operating her Twitter account.


So you’re saying that there’s never been any adverse reaction to the vaccine ever?


Would you agree that it’s up to Ms. O’Doherty to provide actual proof for her wild claims that the vaccine is not safe?

And that she has provided zero proof of such so far?


Jesus Art your not one of them are you?


One of what? I believe the vaccines for HPV along with others should be mandatory and kids taken off people who are trying to link it with autism and refuse on that basis.

However, there may be side effects, as with any medicine but if you discuss them in any shape or for you’re an " anti vaxxer" which is ridiculous


And you haven’t provided proof that she said they aren’t safe


O’Doherty is an anti-vaxxer.

She creates noise based on bullshit, and never offers actual evidence or statistics to support her baseless claims.

Read this, and realise you’re a whack job, like Gemma and those charlatans in the “support group” “Regret”.


Christ you’re a class one sidiot.