The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”





whats up with this cunt these days?


That Rory’s Stories fella is getting on my tits guys


Stupid people find him funny.

I’m leaving myself open for quips here.


He’s not a patch on Michael & Kathleen, that’s for sure


I grew up around the corner from Tanya. It would take a book to explain why a man should stick his mr hickey there.

EDIT: Just saw its a weekly column - Christ on a bike



Peadar Toibin.


Chanelle Mc Coy


louise mcsharry


Why the animosity?
She beat Cancer, probably felt that she’d never have kids, and now a two line statement has you frothing at the mouth?


She just put it on her Instagram - RTE are the cunts that turned it into an entertainment news article.

They should put a sock in it.


Another uppity woman for @artfoley to take down a peg or two.


Haven’t heard a peep out of Kathryn Thomas for a few weeks.


Fooly and the TFK misogyny crew have quietened her good.



Katrina Parrock


Her eyebrows there, wtf.


Uppity woman ?