The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”


Eddie Irvine, that’s who was riding Yvonne


Ro should be in the COTY category


When he shouldn’t have been, like?



The Garrihy sisters.


She’s piling on the weight, the pose is pure double chin hiding.


Cant listen to her on the radio at all. Absolute Peak Snowflake


It’s like newstalk have thrown their hat at it though. She must have the shittest line-up of guests/items of any show on the radio. The producers should be ashamed of themselves. Begging listeners to call in and set the agenda for the entire show ffs sake.


“Whats the wettest your windscreen gets before you use the wipers?” kinda debates


Absolutely. Should shops really charge you a euro deposit to use a trolley?


I’d slip her one though


A Mickey Finn?


A Finn anyway. Whatever about the Mickey


Big time. I saw a clip of one of them on the Podge and Rodge show, and couldnt figure out who was the presenter and who was the puppet.


She should be in COTY too. “We need to shut down this conversation” on pikeys on the Cutting Edge, and then she was told to go and get fucked.


Tanya Sweeney

wow, youre preggers, well done, its not like any other woman has managed that. then again, considering shes working for the times, its surprising the stories aren’t about her having an abortion


Another uppity woman for the TFK mysogyny crew to take down a peg or two.


How can they be about her having an abortion when she’s clearly 7/8 months pregnant?