The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”




There are no words


Gemma O’Doherty has officially lost it. What a fucking mentaller.

George Soros is some man though. He mustn’t have any time to himself with all the Governments he’s trying to control secretly.


The whole Soros thing is mental tbf. The demonisation of him started in Hungary and was orchestrated by the 2 Jewish guys who got Netanyahu into power in Israel against all odds in order to help consolidate Orban’s grip on the people.
There’s a long detailed article somewhere that I read a while back that lays it out. Might have been buzzfeed or wired, are they likeable sources on here?



That’s the one


I look forward to Gemma podcasting as gaeilge.



Shes a fucking dose


I can’t believe 12 people clicked on that link.


They saw ‘amy huberman gushes’ in the link title and jumped to wrong conclusion


Two crack pots for the price of one here if you have two hours to put in.


Varadkar isn’t that bad .


“John Waters and I” what a terrifying start to a sentence




Can anyone here say that hozier’s music isn’t utter bland shit .


Yes, I could. But i’d be lying.


I wouldn’t even know his songs. It’s the fucking incessant blather around him that fucking annoys me. Here’s Hozier busking on Grafton St, Hozier pays a moving tribute to Nina Simone, Hozier was busking in a subway station and you missed it, Hozier could be busking in my fucking garden shed and I still wouldn’t give a shit about it. Fuck off Hozier hype machine.


He comes from a long tradition of “artists” who had a hit record and then recorded several albums of the same song with different lyrics.


The oldest trick in the book