The Official TFK Local and European Elections Thread 2024


Young Haughey has moved from my ward so - he was pipped to the last council seat by Catherine Stocker (Soc Dems) last time out. She was at my door on Monday after with Cian O’Callaghan TD (cc Irish Politics thread).

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Another Haughey, just what the country needs.

And Regina Doherty, who flip flops from being from Meath or Dublin, depending on the election.

Any head bangers likely to get elected? I’d imagine (hope) Mick and Clare will lose their seats, as well as Ming.

Michael McNamara seems a decent guy. He’d be a loss to the Dail, if elected.

Apropos of nothing, my posting privileges seem to have been removed from the politics and far right thread. Voicing concerns about immigration seems to be frowned upon by the admins on here. Poor form.

He will be elected I’d say. Going very hard at the canvassing. That would give ff 2 round here with Eoghan O Brien of the O Brien dynasty…

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You won’t be stuck for something to light the fire with anyway.

Supposed to be a nice young fellow but would the Haugheys ever just fuck off.


He’s a sneaky sap like his family before. Has been badmouthing other candidates on the doors…

his leaflet is full of nimby clichés

one of the Save Malahide gang expected to run too

Healy has kinsealy & howth I hope

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Young Haughey looks like a posh version of Kyle Hayes.


Great slogan


Joan Hopkins is very green in her outlook and policies too. We’re blessed really.


Entering the TUSGG last week required running the gauntlet through dozens of canvassers ranging from leaflet distributers to the Sean Kelly MEP Quarter experience.

All is not as it seems

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Blaming Spider-Man GIF

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Why what’s the story with him? Seems a fairly intelligent fella at least

You dont think his populism is cynical

No I think he genuinely believes what he says the same you believe what you say because people have different opinions. I could be wrong but I don’t think he’s ever said anything that outlandish or objectionable?

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@Juhniallio , the new street candidate is very unimpressive

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Is there somewhere you could direct me to a list of runners and riders? Probably the least competitive LEA in the country last time out with only 9 candidates going for 7 seats.