The Official TFK Man City* 🐐 Supporter Thread (Nobody Gives A Flying Fuck About Them)


Starting now

Pep Guardiola: Chasing Perfection

10.40pm, BBC One

From growing up in a small Catalan town, to taking Man City to the Premier League title with 100 points, via winning streaks at Barcelona and Bayern Munich – Pep Guardiola is one of the world’s greatest sports managers. City superfan Noel Gallagher sings his praises in this celebratory documentary, along with England and City player Phil Foden and former Barcelona captain Carles Puyol. Hollie Richardson


Ta kindly.

Watching Last One Laughing: Ireland on Prime.

Desire to murder Jason Byrne growing.

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11.10 pm it’s says on my tv

Yeah just saw now it’s 11:10 on BBC NI

There’s a show about flute bands on first :joy:

Doing your bit for the peace process I see

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Still worlds left to conquer. Thank god Pep is a blue.

He’ll hardly have the drive to get them up from League 1.

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An incredible Club

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Two of the greatest strikers ever to pull on a pair a boots

Julian is a good lad

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Fascinating :thread:

Is that paul dick-off?

The man all others need to measure up to

Not a terribly high bar I’d suggest…

If city didnt already have a goat Dickov would be vying for the title of the goat

Who is the goat?

There is only ever one Goat

Hon MBB…

The Toure’s, tremendous fellas