The Official TFK Man City* 🐐 Supporter Thread (Nobody Gives A Flying Fuck About Them)

Didn’t see the game today, but Pep looks to have been shitting afraid of losing with his two defensive midfielders and 4 centre halves

Pep only cares about back to back European cups.

Pep better get it together fast or we’ll have to put up with those insufferable cunts winning the league.

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Incredibly powerful image

Zach Braff Scrubs GIF

The Documentary about the greatest season in Football History has dropped on Netflix.

Will someone watch it and send on a few bullet points please. @cityboyfucker @Cityslicker @Cityrugby @Citygael

Thanks Cityzens

Great song

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He’ll be at a loose end for a bit so

I think Pep might go in the summer with Big Ange in.

Pep’s record in Europe with City is similar enough to Fergie. A fluke here and there but largely underwhelming.


We go again as some say

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Some devastated youngsters gone to the bed there tonight, they’re in for a digging of a lifetime in school tomorrow. While it will be mightily character building for them and a lesson in resilience, there’s only so many lessons in resilience Laois GAA fans needs.


If pep had cole palmer last night they’d win. Simple as that.

That lad Doku is a ham

What the fuck was this :joy:

Blue Peter stuff :joy:

Black flags :joy:

The supporters of Ladyboys era Leinster created a more hostile atmosphere than this.

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And he was twice as good as Grealish when he came on.

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They somehow outplasticked Chelsea.