The official TFK musicals thread (it's a hard knock life)

Post away guys


Fuck musicals


I’m off to Hamilton in London in February. I love the musicals.


Les Miserables. Lock the thread.

You haven’t got a heart if you don’t love the musicals

Hard to get tickets ? Friends say it is unreal.

Got them easy enough at the time but I think I booked a year or so in advance

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Chitty chitty in theBord Gais last year was class, Les Mis and Miss Saigon on Broadway were unbelievable, the musicals are the ultimate in entertainment

Yes, I enjoyed chitty chitty alright.manford was good

Great thread.

Watched La La Land there recently, A bit off classic status just yet but a good show nonetheless

I thought Carousel would be the musical of choice for Liverpool fans.

Surely Celtic fans? Not pretend Liverpool fans

I tried getting them before Christmas, gave up after searching every day til the end of May

West side story.


Grease 2

Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

West side story is my favourite.