The Official TFK NCT Thread

Got the usual grudging pass this morning. Never enough that you’d get a clean bill of health they added that I might have an oil leak that they couldn’t fail me for.

The first time I did the test the guy told e “unfortunately I’ll have to pass you”

Anyway if you want a sneak preview of the next location for a Mad Max movie go to the Northpoint test centre and have a look at what Ireland will look like post Apocalypse.

I passed up there in Northpoint last monday week. Fairly haunted as the dipped headlight bulb went on the Wednesday.

Weren’t the fellas in Limerick on the make? I’d say most of them have sweetheart deals with garages, institutionally corrupt I’d say. Whole thing is a racket anyway.

The NCT is essentially legal mugging. The whole idea is trash.

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Do Irish people have to take the NCT?
So far as I could see it was just me and a bunch of East Europeans

Back at Northpoint No2 now. Can currently see my car being trashed in the garage. I’ll keep forumites updated.

Always a nervous time looking through the glass



:eek: Cunts!!

What for?


did you not leave a crisp 50 euro note on the dash?

Tyres mostly. About 5 things.

thank fuck for that. I thought it might be your liver.

One of the few things better in the uk, or whatever you want to call it, is the mot has far more flexibility in the hands of a friendly garage man. Especially my friendly garage man.

Hopefully these wont require a re-test, merely a re-check?

Have one coming up on Friday, will probably fail I’d say

There is no excuse for being surprised to fail for tyres

Agreed, a rookie mistake for the sake of tyres.

Back in Northpoint 2 for my second retest. Here’s hoping. Wheel alignment was out second time around. What the fuck even is wheel alignment?

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