The Official TFK NCT Thread

I’ve never been asked for it.

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Nor I.

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Be grand. Good luck

She’s gone in now

A forum holds its breath.

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Not a bother!

Four times I’ve put this car through. Four times I’ve done fuckall in advance bar a quick clean and wash of the car. Four times it’s passed.


A keeper. What is it?

Hyundai IX35.

In fairness, I’ve had it nearly six years and it hasn’t given much bother. I’d to do a clutch replacement at one stage and a few small things, but other than that, it’s been steady enough. Keep her serviced regularly.

Definitely not the most fun car to drive. Looking to change to a hatchback maybe next year (maybe back to a Golf or an A3). Alternatively, I might just drive the thing into the ground :grinning:


Drive on if she’s not causing trouble. You know the car at this stage.

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The missus’ car is up for it next week, an absolute shitbox of a Polo that miraculously sails through every year. I drive it a good bit as my weekday driving is largely only over the road and back. I’d love to upgrade it but so long as it keeps going you’d be mad to get rid of it. It’ll literally fall apart around me on the road eventually.


Failure. Tyres. Not a problem suspected they were getting a bit worn anyway. Good news is that the car will be on the road for at least another two years.


They must have been fairly worn?

They don’t have to be that worn to fail.

Did they allow you down to the local tyre shop and come back again? Very sound of them if they did.

Had my faithful 07 in this morning. Cunt went to town on it with a hammer or bar. He punched 2 holes through it behind the back seat. Failed the number plate that’s been on it for the past 6 years.
I accepted his explanation at the time. Rust, age of car etc. He said he pushed it through with his thumb. Took it straight to my mechanic today. He couldn’t understand it as he’s under the car on a regular basis. Once up on the lift we could see the bating he gave it. :rage:

They seem to give them all a good bating.

Given I’m doing well to fill the windscreen wash container I’ve never looked under to see what they have been at.

Pretty unnecessary. If it takes force to punch a hole then rust isnt the issue.

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