The Official TFK Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Thread


John Sheridan.

And let's not forget Jack Charltons famous spell in charge of the Owls in the late 70's and early 80's..



I meant Chris Waddle



Deon Burton ,Benito Carbone .




Rintintin, do you remember Lee Chapman playing for Wednesday?

Might be a bit before your time, he's married to Leslie Ash now..


Gerard Sibon. Plays over in Aus now.

Wim Jonk was a good player too.


Westfield Health Enclosure



Now you're just naming random players. Jonk was a flop at Wednesday btw.


Mel Sterland. Proper footballer.


Can't say that I do Dunph, just thought of another Owls stalwart ,Pete Atherton.


Andy Sinton clap


Paolo got off to a winning start with Swindon Town on Saturday.

Future Owls manager.


1-0 down to the Blades scum


Make that 2-0 down


Super comeback from the Owls


+1 clap clap


COYO , great comeback indeed.


Stunning comeback. Never say attitude like this will see the Owls rise back up to where they belong in the premier league. Forget the Roma and Lazio bollix, this was a proper derby!!


Suspicious betting patterns on todays game

A person wearing a pink and grey striped shirt and smelling of pork was seen to place a £1 bet on Sheffield Utd to win the game at half time today.

A police spokesman was quoted as saying "as if anybody seriously thought the pigs could ever beat the Owls"


Steel City derby today.

Mon the Owls