The Official TFK Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Thread


Incredible scenes at Hillsborough today :clap: Even Milan Mandaric was reduced to tears, roll on next year and I’m predicting a Southampton style march through the division, back to the premiership where we belong!!!


A horrible club with horrible supporters, and their refusal to erect a memorial for so long to the biggest tragedy in English football history will never be forgotten by LFC supporters. And I’ll never forget how delighted I was when Andy Linighan headed that famous winner past Chris Woods in 1993. The dregs of Sheffield, a nothing club compared to their city rivals.


Seen as you value dead humans so much. Can you tell me the difference between the date when Liverpool fans murdered Juventus fans in Heysel and when they built a memorial in Brussels to said fans?


Thinly veiled “I need to look up a dictionary”.


Can you provide us with dates please Mr Gobshite? Wednesday never killed anyone, when did Liverpool FC unveil the memorial in Brussels for the innocent fans that their supporters murdered at a football game?


Thinly veiled “I have completely and utterly lost it”.


I know you are thick, but why the fuck did you edit that?


I knew it would confuse you. It isn’t difficult.


Yes, your idiocy never fails to confuse me.


“Mr. Gobshite”, “I know you are thick”, “your idiocy”…

An internet forum isn’t a fight outside a chipper at three in the morning, mate. Control your anger.


It took you half an hour to come up with that?


To answer your question, no it didn’t.


O’Grady for Ireland! Great start by Wednesday to life in the second flight.


Dave Jones is a genius manager. That is all.


Great to see another England international join the Owls


Jay Bothroyd, welcome to Hillsborough. :clap:


One nil up away to Leeds. Surely The Dunph will return if they win today


It’s all gone horribly wrong :frowning:


Super Leeds :clap:


Signing in.


Can we get an owl smiley, please?