The Official Ulster Rugby is full of mysognists thread


Yep. It’s the right thing to do based on the black cats situation.
The rabbitohs fucked teo out of oz for his indiscretions even though charges were dropped


A jury with Neil Francis and Gary Halpin on it would be tremendous fun, to be fair.


And Donners. Don’t forget donners.


Can’t have two Archbishops of Banterbury in one jury.


They had a great fanbase on TFK at the time if I recall correctly (I do)


They surely have an old second row in ulster who could turn up in court to put in a good word for the lads.





Would they let him out for the day?


He’s out.


How twee ?


I wonder if twas a deterrent for him


Just googled it there. Not alone is he out he is also now an innocent man! Have no recollection of that happening


Wee Paddy and pals in court today.


I really hope the lads are innocent here and nothing untoward happened.


Could this possibly be another Ched Evans situation? cc @Nembo_Kid whats your reasoned unbiased take on it?


So do I. Guilty of unbelievable stupidity at an absolute minimum tbf


Don’t think so, mate.

They sound guilty to me.


Will Ulster be changing the name of their stadium to Rapin’ Hill?

Ireland politics
New Newstalk line up

A dark room, a bottle of whiskey, a gun and one bullet is what this poor man needs after the past 12 months you’d suspect


“Ulster and the IRFU will begin a recruitment process to ensure a smooth succession”

The last thing they’d want at Ulster rugby is any fuss