The Olympics

When do the Olympics kick off, and who is our best chance of a medal??

at 8.08pm on the 8/8/2008.

They’re a fairly superstitious bunch the Chinese…

Best medal hopes are Eileen O Keefe(hammer), a boxer maybe(egan or Sutherland maybe) and my dark horse tip, Dave O Loughlin in the cycling. Caused a bit of furore in the cycling world by not qualifying for the games but being ‘picked’ for the team by the cycling federation. Missed the nationals to go on an elite training weekend I believe.

Isnt John Joe meant to be a bit of a hope in the old pugilism?

Think he is, but you never know with boxing. A mate has tickets for the full two weeks for the boxing so I intend to see a fair bit of it.

Barca win ruling over Messi case
Messi was keen to be with the Argentina squad in Beijing

Barcelona have won their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) to keep Argentina’s Lionel Messi out of the Olympic football tournament.

Cas ruled that the 21-year-old, as well as Werder Bremen’s Diego and Rafinha of Schalke, can be prevented from taking part in the Beijing Games.

The Barca forward was keen to take part but the clubs argued the Olympics was not part of the international calendar.

Fifa said it was “surprised and disappointed” by the decision.

Cas found that Fifa’s position was based on custom rather than law, meaning clubs could not be forced to release their players.

The court ruled there was “no specific decision of the Fifa executive committee establishing the obligation for the clubs to release players under 23 for this tournament”.

A statement added: “Cas calls upon the goodwill and the good sense of Fifa and the clubs to find a reasonable solution with regard to players who wish to represent their country in the Olympic Games.”

Messi is already in Beijing with the Argentina squad, who play the Ivory Coast on Thursday when the men’s football tournament gets under way.

In response to the decision by Cas, Fifa president Sepp Blatter said: "Fifa is surprised and disappointed by this decision, but we respect it.

"Nevertheless, I appeal to the clubs. Let your players take part in the Olympic Games. It would be an act of solidarity in perfect harmony with the Olympic spirit.

"It would be wonderful for the players, for the fans and for the game itself.

“I regret that the Cas has not taken the Olympic spirit into consideration.”

Blatter has already said Fifa will conduct a review of Olympic football regulations to ensure the London Games in 2012 are not hit by more club-versus-country rows.

Fifa ruled on 30 July that clubs must release players aged 23 or under for the Olympics if a nation requests them.

The world governing body had said: "The judge determined that the international match calendar is not of relevance in establishing whether clubs are obliged to release players for the men’s Olympic football tournament.

"Taking part in the Olympic Games is a unique opportunity for all athletes of any sporting discipline.

“It would not be justifiable to prevent any player younger than 23 from participating in such an event if his representative team had qualified.” I appeal to the clubs. Let your players take part in the Olympic Games

Sepp Blatter

But Barcelona, Werder Bremen and Schalke reacted by lodging their appeal against Fifa’s ruling.

Barca want Messi for the first leg of their Champions League third qualifying round tie on 12 August.

AC Milan prevented Brazil from picking their star player Kaka in the Olympics, although the Italian club’s new signing Ronaldinho as well as Manchester United’s Anderson were both included in Brazil’s 18-man Olympic squad.

Real Madrid have asked Brazil to release Robinho from Olympic duty because of a suspected groin injury.

The 24-year-old has more than 50 Brazil caps and is a reported target for Chelsea.

What sort of implications will this have for the future? A Club getting to hold onto a player over a country?

Proper order.

An Olympic medal is about as valuable as a Connacht Senior Football medal.

They should return to their clubs forthwith!

Couldnt agree there Bandage, but I respect your opinion of the Olympics.

Personally, I cant fucking wait for this weekend and for it all to kick off.

[quote=“myboyblue”]Couldnt agree there Bandage, but I respect your opinion of the Olympics.

Personally, I cant fucking wait for this weekend and for it all to kick off.[/quote]

Ah, I know I’m being a coooont about the Olympics mainly because I don’t like it myself. But surely even those of you who like the athletics, swimming or whatever can accept that the Olympics football competition is pretty much pointless?

Argentinian women’s hockey team to win gold @ 3/1…money for old rope…

Yea, the ol Olympics football is a bit of an odd one, but its nice to see a bit of it every now and again.

Any chance to see the latest Brazilian or Argentinian wunderkind is always good with me.

Ladies hockey, now we’re talking…

Gwan the Hockeyroos

is your man from jamiaca going for the 100 and 200 metres…usain bolt or something like that…

the only events i will watch are the short distance track and field finals 1500 metres or less(fcking love the 4*100 metres)…any final the irish get to…the swimming finals and possibly the diving…but then again it depends what else is on the tele…

presume most events will be on tele in the eveing and night time here…

There was talk that Bolt might only run in the 200 but I don’t buy it, not that I know anything about it.

Puke did ya make your signature smaller? It’s more attractive now.

no rock its the same size as the day i put it up some 5 weeks ago…legend of a quote from tom humphries in fairness…

P.S if your reading this fuck you eugene o neill…

It all kicks off tomorrow(although the ball has already started) and Beijing is up for it. Big style. A journey through south Beijing was bedlam yesterday as the torch made its way to tianamen square. There were tens of thousands of people all hoping for a glimpse of it, stopping traffic for miles.
The city has seen sweeping changes of late. It’s been bye bye brassers, roadside eateries, dvd shops(copies) and anything that might reflect in anyway poorly on the City. There’s official clap classes and smiley volunteers on every corner. Old style Hutongs(traditional chinese housing) have had gates erected to keep them out of sight. Shopfronts have been painted. Even the taxi drivers are smiling and spitting slightly less.
Then there’s the security. Cops on every bridge. Bag checks on the subway. There are heavy travel restrictions on foreigners and most amateur sports clubs have been stopped from operating or are closely watched. You need a passport to change money or even to go shopping for some things.
The traffic has been halved and there are special Olympic lanes, the factories have shut but the usual smog still lingers over the city. They’ve promised to get rid of it but it’s still pretty bad with only 24 hours to go, but they’ll shoot the rockets up tomorrow, make it rain and clear it for a day at least.
The place is hopping with nationalist fervour and a thinly disguised need to show the world who’s boss. One World, their dream.
It’s gonna be one hell of a fortnight.

Messi played (and took his goal nicely) tonight. What’s the story? He heading back to Barca now? Surprised Rafa hasn’t kicked up more of a fuss tbh.

Messi did indeed play. He spoke to Barca and told them he’d like to stay.

Barca would do anything for Messi.

I see you’re online Juhniallio. I read a report that The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) are threatening a holy war on China and the games. Mind yourself.

Tell them to get in the queue. There’s been bombs going off in China all week. A big one in Xinjang province(where the T place is) on monday killed 16. 2 or 3 went off inKumbei? on wednesday and there have been various unconfirmed reports of more. It’s just like watching Rovers.
Beijing has well in excess of 100,000 on security for the games. You won’t get near any of the venues with so much as a bad fart.

What are you going to do with your tickets so Juhy?

Also tell us more about the rockets making it rain.

While Juhy’s taking requests, any chance you could make it your aim to get a picture of yourself with RTE’s Colm Murray over there and post it up here please Juhy?

Thank you in advance.