The Parkrun Thread

A place to log your Saturday morning parkrun activities wherever in the world you may be and elaborate how you opened up your legs and really expressed yourself.

The Geansai on RTE1 tonight at 7 dedicates a show to it.


I’ve had a busy week in the gym and a few stout last night collecting my match ticket. I’ll be taking it handy this morning but get into a nice 5:30 per k rhythm just to tip along. I see they’re now heavily encouraging walkers to join in even more than normal. Fucking rows of grannies 6 wide on the path as you try to manouevre around them. Set up your own parkwalk you cunts.

Should be some nice treats at the finish courtesy of Cakes and Cooks by Lisa.

PS don’t forget your barcode


mate, have you broken the magical sub 25?

I have indeed mate, a good few times but I don’t run much during the week to be maintaining it.




Just getting my bits together ahead of strolling down to the park. It’s such a wonderful time of the week.


Enjoy it because once little Adam starts doing hurling, soccer, gymnastics, ballet etc. that’s your Saturday mornings gone.

Nobody in killester plays hurling

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Ok, replace it with joy riding or safe needle use classes.


Top 20 finish in St Anne’s Park this morning for ex Dublin captain Dave / David Henry. A lovely morning in the park after the run. I heard Dave / David saying that the ticket situation hasn’t eased up for the replay.

Got bread, croissants, a pear danish and bananas to bring home from the Saturday market. Had a coffee from the Fixx stall and a fish finger sandwich from Fish Box for brunch.

A quick 20 minutes with the boy in the playground and then home for the Celtic game at midday,


That sounds like a lovely morning. Im looking forward to the little one getting more active and being able to get out and about more… Have you looked into Little Kickers in your area? A forumite put me onto them this morning

20 minute is a very respectable time

Wexford Parkrun this morning.

Beaten by the 10-year old son of one of the lads I went to school and college with.



I’d say its tough going pushing the buggy around on the grass

And in fairness I’m much better going right handed.

cc @fenwaypark


He’s 9 bro. Just to be accurate like.

looks like a glorious morning for it

2 laps of the track or how many?

25 Brendan’s

3 and a bit laps