The Pay Your Respects to Dead Racehorses Thread

Go easy, Go Native.

We will never forget you.

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Rip boy, gone but not forgotten

The best racehorse, is a dead racehorse.

He only died today so unless dementia is kicking in he shouldn’t be forgotten that quickly.

RIP Horsey

Best Mate was a loyal friend. A true best mate, if you will.

Lovely tributes flowing in here :lol:

Afford a King. Rest in Peace Pal.

What time is the removal does anyone know?
i really feel for the owners who really loved the horse so much as it won them lots of money that they just could not stop “campaigning” him as no doubt the horse also loved been forced to jump over ditches.
It must be like a death in the family, ah shur i suppose at least he was killed doing what he loved.

Bandage do you know if this horse was “genuine” and was he “game as a pebble” when you last spoke with him?

Fair play lads, this is him winning the fighting fifth at Newcastle back in 09 with Davy Condon on board. Hard to believe he went off 25/1 :o

He won the supreme off 12s

dawn run built my father’s house

A horse of many talents then. :clap:

I always felt One Man was badly named, as he was actually one horse. And a lovely horse he was, too. Too bad they had to kill him.

seems like only yesterday i landed this outrageous double …where have the years gone?..goodbye old friend…thanks for the memories… :frowning:

Two CH winners trailing in his wake there

Not that it matters to you, you dumb cunt, but he broke his leg cantering around a field.
Interesting creatures, simultaneously both powerful and fragile.
Had a horse trip and break a leg last week on me, just trotting by himself to the back of a field after being turned out. Seemingly the most innocuous thing, but he as soon as he got up, three legged, our hearts sank. The twenty minutes it took my mate, a vet, to get there to dispatch him humanely, seemed like an eternity. Not that you give a fuck, you sorry sad sack of excrement, but they are the oddest of creatures. Noble fucking beasts though.

well said dalai

Mickee has put his hoof in it and done another ‘Fenway’ here. He will now claim he had no idea His Holiness had a horse break a leg last week when everyone else on this forum knew all about it.

Anyone who knows anything about anything will agree with this. The horse is a friend to all.