The Prestigious Europa League thread 2018/2019


Simunovic could have done better for both goals. He’s not good enough really.

Brown was brutal on the ball and they bypassed him comfortably enough at times too.

We’re not making much progress against this level of team. Recurring problems and same story.

Obviously the opposition are technically better and quicker / stronger than SPFL sides so there’s occasions when a Celtic player will get caught out by the step up.

But it’s the lack of concentration and awareness, giving the ball away under little pressure, panicking etc that’s annoying as fuck. It’s the unforced errors and sloppiness that’s entirely preventable.


I know the feedback from watching on TV was that McGregor wasn’t great but I thought he looked most capable of making the step up. He wasn’t helped by the fact he didn’t really have anyone he could play it forward to but he looked to me like he could still play at that level.

I thought Brown had a few moments where he was strong under pressure on the ball but mixed that with the careless which is regrettably typical for him in Europe. But as you say the most alarming bit was how they moved the ball past him. They were able to just play little balls into their forwards all day without Brown reading it at all.

But to just gift them goals they don’t have to work for (particularly the first one) is just horrific.


McGregor gave the ball away carelessly for the first goal. He had a spell for 20 minutes either side of half time where he gave the ball away every time he got it. Not a good night for him at all in my view.


Your two deepest midfielders are always going to have a lot of the ball when the opposition sat back as Valencia did in the second half. I thought Forrest was comfortably Celtic’s best player


Yeah I’d need to see that again. I just think he wasn’t helped by the passes be was getting and the lack of options in front. Christie wasn’t finding any space and they were wise to our width.

Maybe he didn’t play well but he had a few moments of class for me that put him well ahead of the likes of Christie for now.

I actually think Bitton would have been useful tonight. He has obvious limitations but be can pass the ball capably.


No doubting Forrest.

Fair point, just thought they tried to turn and play forward. Izaguirre for example played everything back to Simunovic once he lost his confidence. Sinclair played most stuff back to Izaguirre or McGregor. Don’t think they should be satisfied with just trying but the performance was that poor from a few players that trying was better than most.


Rodgers gone with 5 at the back as Celtic look to overturn the 2-goal deficit in Valencia.


Good start from Celtic. They could do with an early goal and a Valencia red card before HT.


Then Valencia press and Celtic look clueless.


Good opening for Burke there but he didn’t have the confidence to drive for goal. Took it too wide in the end and it amounted to nothing.

Hayes very bright.


That red card hasn’t really helped our chances much.


Only watching since half time. Utterly under the kosh


Woeful from Burke there, far too ponderous on the ball


At times he looks like he needs to pause things and have a look at an instruction manual as to what to do next. He would have made some rugby player as he is unreal at running in straight lines.


Ajer misses an absolute sitter.


The ref is a big fucker.

Ajer having a great game, fair fucks to him.


A taller Teo Walcott


Wonderful last ditch tackle by Boyata


Burke is out on his feet now. Better just bring in Weah now


That was a lovely goal.