The Pretend Fitness Thread

Ah yeah something like that’d be sound. Just something a bit different, getting bored of the usual craic. Was benching at the gym the other night and I remember asking the trainer for more weights.

He just turned to me and said “There are no more”

Wayne Mac is making great strides

Only ever heard of birds doing it. It’ll start with boxercise and you’ll be doing pilates before you know it. A slippery slope WTB, a slippery slope…

There’s always spinning…

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Ah yeah something like that’d be sound. Just something a bit different, getting bored of the usual craic. Was benching at the gym the other night and I remember asking the trainer for more weights.

He just turned to me and said “There are no more”
[/quote]good stuff on the weights!!! B)
If your going to do the boxercise I would say why dont ya go and try a martial art, see what ya think, it will be very simular. only difference being that doing the martial art you will be given more pointers on technique of punches and kicks etc than in boxercise where it doesn’t matter if your doing it right cause its just about exercise

Depends where your doing it

But pilates, hell no. I don’t even know what it is but I just don’t like the sound of it

Pilates is a bit of a fad IMO. Just getting people in for 30-45 minutes to do what they could do themselves in 10-15 minutes themselves, and charging them extra to do it.

Yoga would achieve alot of the same results from a toning and strength point of view, but will also bring you alot more flexibility.

Long running/jogging isn’t a great way of getting fit either lads. People disregard soccer as well too fast, but an hour of soccer is a great addition to any fitness schedule, its enjoyable and you’ll burn a nice bit playing it as well.

As for boxercise, this is really for women, at least thats where it first came to the fore. My girlfriend instructs it, but its generally just a more exciting form of circuits.

If you really want to work it Thai boxing is the way to go. Its very intense, but is generally 45-60 mins. Its great for your leg strength and power as well as your core. Great addition to football/soccer/hurling/rugby training as well.

Short but intense running and sprinting sessions can be way more beneficial than running for 30-40-60 minutes, unless of course you want to do 10KM races or whatever.

Here’s a few on the post below that i’ve picked up over time, or made up myself. Use these sometimes if we don’t have a game, or there is some sort of lull in the season.

Running programmes
• None of these should take more than 30 minutes, most will be 20-25 minutes
• To be done on their own, a day or night different from training
• Do as exactly as they are here, but always add long (20-30 sec) static stretching afterwards for all major muscles
• Do not do within 48 hours of any match, it will not benefit you at all for the match, it will only decrease performance if anything
• These are mixed between Power, Speed, Plyometric and Endurance sessions, it would be of great benefit to rotate them to avoid you getting bored or going stale from them.
• Most are based on interval training, this is far better for field sports than any continuous running, of any length.
• If you are strength training as well (weights, circuits etc) you could do short sessions with these in the same day or session. But the ideal way to do that is do the running (more important) in the evening and the strength training in the morning. Make sure the strength session is 45 minutes, absolute max, 30 minutes would be ideal. But never do a double session like this within 24 hours of a Football training, or anything similar. If you are not in-season or training then you should probably do them on alternative days.

Speed Endurance
Programme 1
Done on a track:
Time: 30 Mins approx
Warm-up: 1 lap at easy pace to warm up.
Speed Endurance: 4 laps of Sprint the straight (100M), walk the turn. First 2 sprints at about 80-90%, all others (6) at 100%
Sprint starts: This is starting at a line and bursting off at full pace from standing start, ease off and stop when full upright, this would only be after a couple of yards, walk back to start. Repeat 5-10 times. Start with 5, increase to 10 as your fitness improves.
Standing Long Jumps: Stand at line with feet shoulder width apart. Bending your knees and using you arms, power jump out as far as possible. Walk back taking 10 secs rest. Repeat 10 times.
Optional extra as fitness increases;
Stadium Stairs: Find a stairs outside. Sprint up the stairs, walk slowly back. Repeat for 10 minutes, time it.
Endurance: Jog 1 mile (about 4 laps of a track) , about 50%.
Stretch: All major leg muscles for 30 secs each.

Programme 2
Done on Track or on a Pitch:
Time: 20 Minutes exactly
Warm-up: 5 minutes light jogging. Include heel raises and high knees.
Speed Endurance: Mark out 2 points 20 yards apart. Have a coin, toss the coin. If you win sprint one length, if you lose sprint 2 lengths. Rest for 30 seconds after the sprint, Continue this for 10 minutes straight.
Warm Down: 5 Minutes light jogging.
Stretch: All Major lower body muscles for 20-25 secs.

Programme 3
Done on road, track or field
Time: 22 Minutes approx
Warm-up: 4 Minutes light jogging
Short Intervals: Jog for 1 minute, then run hard (about 80%) for 1 minutes. Continue this alternating for 16 minutes in total.
Warm Down: 2 minutes light jogging
Stretch: All Major Lower muscles for 15-20 secs.

Programme 4
Done on a hill, of any sort
Time: 25 Minutes
Warm-Up: Jog for 5 minutes, preferably on flat to a hill.
Hill Runs: Run up the hill for 1 minute at about 60-70%. Jog back down easily. Then turn and charge up the hill at 90%, so that you reach the point you initially reached in about 30-40 secs. Jog back down. Repeat this pattern for 20 minutes.
Warm Down: Easy jog home or 5 minutes easy jog.
Stretch: All major leg muscles for 30 secs each.

Programme 5
Done a road, track or field
Time: 22 Minutes
Warm-Up: 2 Minutes light jog
Sustained Intervals: Run 4 minutes at 80%, rest for 1 minute, repeat that 3 more times.
Warm Down: 2 minutes jog
Warm Down: 5 minutes jog

Programme 6
Done on a track or field
Time: 20 Minutes
Warm-Up: Jog for 5 minutes
Bounding repeats: Mark out a 40 metre long area. Bound along the length of the area (longer strides than usual, keeping foot contact to ground to the minimum), do this 5 times for one set, and then rest for 30 secs. Repeat for 10 minutes, see how many you can get in.
Warm Down: 5 minutes jog
Stretch: All major leg muscles for 30 secs each.

Programme 7 (Probably have to build up to this)
Time: 25 Minutes
Warm-Up: 2 Minutes light jog
Threshold Session: Run at 75% for 20 minutes straight.
Warm Down: 3 minutes jog
Warm Down: 5 minutes jog

I saw Gordon Darcy coming out of a Bikram Yoga class once with his mat and all. His argument was that it was to help with his recovery from injury. Woofter.

you have become fairly aggressive lately, when did you hook up with this wan?

some good stuff there kev, much obiged.

About a year or so ago.

I just like tearing into idiots from time to time, try to show them up for the bluffers they are.


Feel very good after a tough running session tonight.
Might feel it in the morning though.

Tough training tonight…evasion poles,tackle bags and the like. will feel it in the morning

howd you get that photo so quick? i knew there was someone lurking in the ditch as we trained

was going to mention Bikram.
great for improving flexibility.
plus it’s on a par with the sauna for getting birds to strip down.
can’t recommend it highly enough, sleep like a baby after it

P.S. Jugs, if it’s weight loss you’re after, focus on running, doesn’t have to be at a great pace, 90 mins will burn serious calories if you can build up to it. even a 10 min/mile pace will do the job.

Run for 90 mins? Are you insane?

wouldn’t it be useful to know you can move your hips for 90 mins should the need ever arise?