The Pretend Thread


People pretending savita was killed by the 8th amendment instead of shit medical “professionals”


This one is gonna run and run Art, don’t get worked up this early over the shitheads and the horseshit they have to produce.


That’s also a bit generalised too @artfoley. I think the thread was set up to poke fun at and to upset other posters.
I’ll check with @ChocolateMice, but I’m nearly certain posts in here are supposed to be very personal and spiteful.


Limerick are going to win


Hi, pal… remember this email you sent rocko?

Looks like choco and joe are two different people…


now thats an OOOFTTTYYYY



So that’s why @Bandage is on about it!

In fairness, I scooped a decent few likes out of my faux pas back then.


Tae in mug for me


There’s only one @Joe_Player liam the one and only @Rocko @Bandage lknow




Most of the same people also fall into the pretend fascists category. They’ll be e-masturbating over Ms. Le Pen on the relevant thread over the coming days and throwing in some “edgy” racist “banter” to try and appear edgy. I see they’ve already started, actually.


Pretend socialists, who work for large banks and/ or finance houses, professional service firms. They also have a predilection for pretend republicanism and dreadfully stale banter.

There are also the real socialists, and in fairness to them, seem to live the life, want everything for free and are general know it all layabouts, with little experience of the real world. This is however, the pretend thread.


The champagne socialists are a right dose alright, give me a Tuborg swilling proper leftie like @Sidney anyday over these rugby school educated twats.


You can’t play rugby and be a socialist? :grinning:

For a self-professed “libertarian” you seem desperately concerned with trying to stop other people from having independent thoughts and horrified that people might not conform to your imagined world of stereotypes.


There you go again, leaping into the abyss.
Where did I say anything about playing rugby? I referenced rugby school educated twats, an entirely different category.


I don’t see anyone playing rugby in Cuba?


I’ll take ‘Who are Sinn Féin members?’ for 100 points.


Can you go to Skerries Community College, St. Fintan’s or St. Paul’s Bessbrook and be a socialist?

Could you please provide a list of schools you would find it acceptable to go to/have gone to and be a socialist?


@Bandage, the pretend Liam Cahill. The pretend cloak descended bigtime last night.


The two pretend cans of Guinness drove him crazy.