The Professional Darts Corporation's "Premier League Darts" Tournament

It may not have the history, tradition camaraderie or quality of Lakeside but it does nevertheless fill the darting void before Sligo in two weeks time so I thought I’d put up a thread for people who may be interested such as The Dunph and Flano.

The first round of matches is currently in progress at London’s Millenium Dome.

The fucking gall of you to start this thread.

I’d consider it camaraderie between fellow darts fans, that you might have appreciated the thread, but obviously not. That’s sad.

Bandage used to be a big fan of this regularly posting threads on it every thurdsay night if I remember rightly. Will be interesting to see which way the big man goes now given he laid it on so thick round the turn of the year.

Messing and all aside Sky’s coverage of darts is really grating me these days. Taylor and Whitlock is coming up and I have no interest in watching a two minute intro about the Power - or that clown Waddell waffling on about tungsten, understacker and the rest.

Good post, Farmer. Interesting that none of the PDC brigade bothered having a thread for their GSOD tournament a few weeks back too.

Isn’t the GSOD a mixed tournament, as in the underpriviliged (the BDO) get to play with the elite (the PDC) in a one-off tournament?

I’m off now to watch Lost on RTE, enjoy the darts ladies…

Simon Whitlock reminds me of the snow.

Whitlock’s broad was dressed up as the girl from the Wizard of Oz, with pigtails and white stockings up to her knees. This is obviously his new gimmick. I must admit I found the broad and her pigtails and stockings rather titillating. Whitlock has ditched INXS’ fine 1988 excellent “New Sensation” as his theme tune for Men at Work’s “Land Down Under”.

The Wizard of Oz. “Land Down Under”. Feck, these PDC marketing men really earn their money.

Wade was badly rattled there. Prick.

barny is a cunt, hes a moody cunt, hes a cunt’s cunt. his ‘form’ since world championships confirms to me that he’ll NEVER win another major.

i cant understand how the crowds can boo wade and king and yet cheer for this cunt, beggers belief

in fairness class darts so far from barney. always seems that when i slate him he produces a performance like we are witnessing tonight. lets hope he keeps this up

[quote=“fenwaypark, post: 440765”]
hes a cunt’s cunt. [/quote]
Just as an aside, this is actually my phrase of choice in everyday language to describe Eoghan Harris. The one all other cunts look up to. The cunt’s cunt.

barney playing the best i have seen him in a long long time

As long as Taylor is there - not many are going to get a chance to win a ‘major’.

Barney is an alright sort.

Taylor and King very pally, pally tonight after their match - I thought they hated each other.

That sort of behaviour would be expected amongest the camardarie of the BDO but is out of place in Phil’s Dart Club.

Eoghan is a magnificent cunt alright.

How the fuck did Gerry Ryan win COTY? That was a disgrace.

Can’t agree with that at all farmer. You could see King was cringing having to pretend to like Taylor in the post match interview. The sex offender kept touching him and was clearly making him uncomfortable imo.


King is an alright sort in my book, i like his style…

I have mickey mouse money on singles on King, Baxter and Whitlock tonight and a mickey mouse double on Whitlock and King.
Never off midweek normally so looking forward to watching this evenings darts, haven’t seen any of the premier league yet this year.