The Public Transport Thread

It’s high time we had a public transport thread. In this time of recession, I think it’s incumbent on us all, and particularly Ben Shermin as the TFK Minister for Transport, to ensure that adequate funding is put into transport in the state, whilst also keeping an eye on best practice abroad.

I’ll start with this feel good story today, that the good people of Citywest and Saggart are going to get the luas tinkling up the road sometime in 2010:

I’ll also keep a list of useful links on this fist post in the thread


By Bus

By Rail

England / Scotland / Wales

By Sea

Can I get a train from Galway to Sligo?

I am guessing not, given that I have to leave Connolly when going to Sligo, yet Heuston when going to Galway. Something probably needs to be done about that alright, but it’s a bit far away from Dublin for us to be thinking about. Although with Sligo Rovers in UEFA Cup action (at the expense of Cork obviously) next season, there may be a need to upgrade all transport links in the area. Watch this space is all I can say.

Can I get a train from Limerick to Galway?

Limerick to Ennis, and you can choose to walk or share the bus with a shower of lunatics that always seem to get off in Gort.

Sledge, can you please update the first post to give us a link to the Railway Procurement Agency. I would like to keep abreast of any news on the Metro construction and Luas extension projects. Thank you in advance, Bandage.

Sledge, what about Private Services available to the public like the Aircoach, JJ / Bernard Kavanagh buses, Ardcavan buses and the Wexford Airport bus. Could you include them in the list?

not to mention manx and norse ferries




The Wexford Airport Bus


Added JJ Kavanagh definitely worthy of a listing as they recently introduced wireless broadband on some of their buses - thumbs up for that.

Also added Aircoach - an official Bohs club sponsor and an invaluable source of getting to and from Dublin from the likes of Cork and Belfast, when for one reason or another one cannot get the train.

I think there’s a crowd Citylink as well. Supposed to be good.

Sledge I think the first post could do with some headings to organise the links into categories.

I’d also ask for link to:
Rail Users Group

There follows an Irish transport anecdote.

I always found it funny how that Abwehr spy turned up at Dingle train station in 1940 asking when the next train would be, only to be told a passenger train hadn’t been through Dingle in a year. After giving away this tell-tale piece of ignorance and the guards being informed of suspicious activity he took the bus but was trailed by detectives and arrested in Dublin.

shocking ommision

[quote=“therock67”]Sledge I think the first post could do with some headings to organise the links into categories.

I’d also ask for link to:
Rail Users Group[/quote]

Done. I notice that the combination of italics, bold, and underlining brings up a kind of tfk green font. Not sure I am comfortable with that but I’ll leave it for the moment.

Great approve the extension to empty apartments, a golf course and an office park just as everybody’s losing their jobs and scrap the plan for the metro to the Airport.

How about a popsicle stick skyscraper or an escalator to nowhere?

[quote=“north county corncrake”]shocking ommision[/quote]

Is that a windup? Until they bring some concrete proposals to the table, rather than just waffle, I’m afraid they won’t get a listing. Having said that, if it turns out that Ann and/or Gillian are fine looking sorts, and there are a few nudies pictures doing the rounds, that could change.

18 posts and not one from Ben.

Time to sack him.