The Public Transport Thread

You might ask them to update the slides on the Dart+ website so

There’s final sign off but the business case is approved in principle. Naturally any government could nix a project before a shovel (or even when started).

I know you’re hoping for that so you have another few years of being negative about this ahead of you.

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I’m hoping they add a Zoo stop for the Phoenix Park. They’re adding Heuston West and they’re looking at locations for a Cabra stop now so perhaps that will tick it off. Will be nice for more people to be able to access the Park.


I more than anyone would love it to go ahead - it’s just I’ve been hearing about it for 40 years

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It has never got to this stage.

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I was socialising in Wexford town on Saturday night in a large group. A couple of them were bidding farewell some time after 11pm as they were getting the bus home to Duncannon. I was taken aback & asked about it. Yes, there’s a late night bus service from Wexford going the 30km-40km to the coastal village & going through other small villages/towns en route. Eamon exponentially increasing the amount & frequency of rural public transport services is an incredible legacy.


Yeah, id have it 6th or 7th in his incredible legacies list

The 11 to Ranelagh the 15 to Rathmines great bogman buses before the areas were gentrified. ‘55 please’

Congrats to all our midland posters

The pub owners😀

Seems a bit harsh to take down the Brian Boru when there is plenty of grass behind it. They’d also probably have to pay the owners a fortune.

the fact that the owners put in for planning to knock down before weakens the owners argument

the metro isnt needed says man who says the luas wasnt needed

Economist casts doubts on the viability of Luas – The Irish Times

A new planning hearing into an underground rail line for Dublin gets underway - GoLoud Player


MetroLink needed as congestion reaching ‘critical’ levels (

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Congestion is at critical levels.

Ok, just hang on another 10 years and we’ll sort a metro

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they are also providing active travel options

I was having lunch in a place on Dawson Street over the weekend and my seat was facing the window. I’d say every Luas which went by was jammed full. This was from about 4pm.

Is this Luas line already at capacity?

I’d say it is at certain times.

Joining the two lines at the Green with no terminus there was a misstep imo