The Road to Pasadena (and various other places) Concluding in January 2014

Johny Manziel not involved for Texas A&M tonight and Rice are giving them a game of it.

Georgia @ Clemson later should be a good game but it’s not on ESPN until tomorrow morning. Alabama v Virginia Tech is live at 10:30pm.

Nice fake punt from Villanova at Boston College earlier:

Alabama Crimson Tide against Virginia Tech Hokies in the Chick Fil A Kick Off Game about to get underway on ESPN America.

What a start from Alabama!

Saw South Carolina defeat North last night. Early TD there too. Atmosphere at these games are electric.

Notre Dame leading Temple 28 - 6 in the 4th. NBC stream all their home games, here’s the link…

Watching my beloved Clemson “as live” on ESPN now. Come on Boydy.

Johnny Football announced his return from suspension (half a game - what’s that about??) with 3 touchdowns and a taunting penalty last night to see off Rice, they have a lot to work on before facing the Tide in a fortnight.

Some shite surrounding clowney…

All this muck of ‘has he hurt his Heisman chances’ one game in…

He fair acted the cunt but fair fucks to him…

What was with only half a game suspension

Great performance from the Tigers, Boyd is a lock for a top 5 pick in the draft if he stays healthy. Sammy Watkins is also another cast iron 1st rounder. I think Clemson have a great chance of running the table in the ACC. They will then have the final game of the season away at state rivals South Carolina for a chance to play in the BCS championship game.

Teddy Bridgewater put on a clinic tonight against Ohio throwing for 5 TDS and 355 yards. Louisville have a cupcake schedule and if the SEC and Big 10 end up cancelling each other out the Cardinals could sneak into the championship game themselves.

ESPN’s weekend lineup.

Week 2

Friday 6th September
Wake Forest @ Boston College 01:00

Saturday 7th September
Florida @ Miami 17:00
Oregon @ Virginia 20:30
Notre Dame @ Michigan 01:00

Sunday 8th September
08:00 San Diego State @ Ohio State (As live)
12:00 Texas @ BYU (As live)

I am declaring for Oregen. Unpredictably Brilliant.

Start off @ Virginia with a 71 yard TD, then a fake 2 PT conversion pulled back in for a conventional extra point but faked it again running in for a 2pt. Awesome!

'Hon Johnny Football

Alabama @ Texas A&M just kicking off on ESPN.

Johnny 7 Bama 0

7-0 Aggies:clap:

Superb first drive.

The 12th man crowd going crazy, this has to be worth 2 or 3 stops alone in this game.

3 and out. 2 False starts.

14-0, sensational start.