The Roaster Thread


He looks like some Chicago gangster from the '20s.


After ateing a feed of Spuds


Change the shoes and one of them women looks like she’s on her way out to the cows.
The lads suits must have been a job lot.


Who’s the shortarse on the right?


Simon Harris has the go of some poindexter


Belt with a suit.

Now that is a no from me


What are they on 90k a year and wouldn’t bother their holes investing in a tin if polish


Damien English


The Minister for Homelessness?


Is Skeff’s on Eyre Square the ultimate Roaster’s pub? Certainly feels like that, full of farts and brown shoes.


Nice whiskey bar in there though.
I was in there for an hour or so at a stag recently, lively enough spot but you’re pretty much on the ball.


Worst pub in Galway


You’d want your head examined to be going in there unless you were on a stag.


Kate would have you singing like a choirboy


Yes . Oddly Dublin has a lot of them too .


Brendan Cummins in full on roaster gear earlier.


He’s got a full on roaster wardrobe. Had he a striped shirt with white collar on? That’s his usual



I met him in Clonmel a few years ago and that’s exactly what he was wearing


White and pink “fashionable” shirt tucked into his blue jeans


The white collar is off the Man Utd jersey he’s wearing underneath.