The Roaster Thread


Which one mate???
Standard must have been shocking, the lad at the left is dressed in a business suit, the lad in the middle just looks like a dopey roaster dressed by the wife, Tim nice but dim second right is what I imagine you looked like 15 years ago,
fucking state of them.


@iron_mike and his vile homophobic posts


There seems to be a big fascination with dickie bows in oireland at the moment. I saw some idiot get married in a tux recently on Facebook. What’s that about? Fucking Mick’s haven’t a clue


Annoying habits


I see Leo took him to his own constituency of castleknock.


One of my annual highlights tonight, the Dromcollogher carnival, the fancy dress was priceless, every fucker on the floats were pissed as coots, frightened all the kids, has cunts and solid roasters, great people, were you on a float @Copper_pipe any cousins here @ChocolateMice


Was at that years ago for a work thing. Madness

Is the lad in the light blue jacket doing blackface or was he just after coming in from doing the silage in the sun?


A who’s who of roasterage


@backinatracksuit I was standing in front of the corner house for it!

Lad with the black face supposed to be Mexican president.

The “trump wall” float won it


The walk of Damien English there. He’s styling it on Vince McMahon is he.


Conor McGregor style


That’s lovely.
What is the “float” with the bits of a lawnmower/tyres all about?



That was the fair city float. Katie locked up in her box.


Ah Jaysus, we were outside Walls, mere feet apart, did you go on the bumpers? There was a rake of roaster young lads pissed up and fighting between the cars, good old evening though, low point was a terribly disappointing quarter pounder from Tasty Bites.
That Fair City float was fucking bedlam, how there wasn’t an accident I don’t know,


Didn’t go on the bumpers. Had a few pints in the corner and got a decent chicken burger in tasty bites after wards before heading home.

Yeah the fair city one was fairly mad alright!




Real roasterism is best seen in rural chippers .