The Roaster Thread


Genuine question. Isn’t the little lad on the left about 12?


He is and wouldn’t you be proud of him if he was your own?


Saw a good few Armagh roasters wearing slip on brown boots around the Croke Park area on Saturday.


The footwear choice of diesel washers.


Ive a pair a them meself


Anybody who doesn’t work in an office all day has a pair.


Cattle traders are in, the republic of Oireland behind the uk again in the fashion stakes


Or maybe the UK is behind Ireland. They are not the most intelligent folk over there.


Tommy Walsh on Newstalk there on about “mantaining” levels and quoting Will Smith. An awful roaster.



What the fuck is that? Did he start off as a normal sized fella and gets smaller every time Mayo bottle something?


He’d be a foetus if that was the case.


That lad is only 10 years old but watching Mayo footballers ages a body terribly.


The curious case of…


Michael Creed, the minister for Agriculture, was on the radio this evening talking about “On-trap-in-airs”


That was fucking bizarre. I thought John Murray was gonna choke trying to keep himself from laughing


Where’s that gobshite from?


Cork, pal.

You’d surely have guessed that?


To be honest I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, because he just kept repeating the word over and over and the more he said it the worse it got. And I was waiting for Murray to burst out laughing live on air.

So I wasn’t paying heed to his accent initially


It was bizzare.

He also said at one stage “people can’t keep hankering after the status quo”. It made absolutely no sense in the context of what he was discussing.

I missed the start so assumed he was some lad from Macra, not a fuckin Minister.


Murray gave up at that stage. He had a fuckin clue where he was going himself with it. It was obviously a sound bite he’d heard somewhere and thought to himself 'that’s a good ‘un. I’ll use that to make me sound cleverer’