The Roaster Thread


Up for the Match :clap::clap:

Roaster heaven here.


This is gonna be deadly






P Diddy is always the standout in that classic pic


His hands look fake Father Ted style


Did his hands get sunburnt? :joy::joy:


He looks like Mundy when Mundy was fat


Mundy once threatened to walk off stage during a Rag Week concert because some drunk spotty little lad kept roaring “Tuesdy” at him. A bit of a bollix


I met him before, great music, possibly a BIFFO


I just realised I had completely forgotten about the complementary phrase to BIFFO, to describe our midlands friends.

The much under used



His folks had a pub in Birr iirc


WTF :rofl: @TheUlteriorMotive


The crowd shots here during Micheal Martin’s speech are great roaster material. Some savage sweating going on, I’d say the lads are cursing the heat of the lights - a feed of pints and a carvery rammed into them before hand, buttons on the good suit strained to the last.


Imagine the chorus of grunting along the wall of urinals in the RDS jacks at the interval


Your shoes would be ruined that’s for sure.


Christ some collection of ignorant cunts at that I’d say.


The members of Skibbereen rowing club just on the 6.01 news there. Good god


Seen a circa 30 year old Mayo man at Cheltenham on Saturday wearing a fooking Mayo hoodie. How did he think that was ok for the love of God.