The Roaster Thread


Is that Magnum PI?


Nice of Matt Cooper to lend Halligan one of his shirts


Did Boxer Moran ever box ?


Ross looks like a BÉ ticket inspector.



Farmers are getting a 1% royalty on every pint of Guinness now? Ye cunts have it sown up.


Mara’s in Kilkee. The burd has gone to the bar looking for a “gin 'n slim”, hoping for some class of chalice full to the brim of berries, and auld fellas in Wranglers are crop-dusting her from all angles. :grin:


:rofl: woman are daft as fuck. Throw a jealous slap in some roaster for the crack


Give it loads from my seat drinking Guinness with middle aged lads with a backing track butchering songs.

As long as they tidy up after themselves for the carvery tomorrow:


He’ll get stabbed by some dirty tramp from caherdavin


What does “crop dusting her from all angles” mean?
Could mean anything.


Gotta love the roaster terminology :grinning:




A couple of lads at the back there turning to the camera like they’re in their Debs dresses.


If they didn’t turn sideways they’d not all fit in.
Have they been out shooting?


Whats that @farmerinthecity.Cloone dinner dance?


No - it’s Gerry McGovern’s supporters at the do where he got his job at the Connacht Council.



He’s gotten the gig of President of the CC.
It’s akin to the cream on the head of your pint - nice looking but ineffectual.

Mercifully those Cloone hoors could withstand an apocalypse.