The Roaster Thread


Thoughts on the county team mate?

Can you recall a worse time in recent years?

Potential solutions?


We’ve not been at as low an ebb in my lifetime. The problem is a lack of trust between management and players and Guckian was a dreadful appointment.

He’s just too stubborn for the role and continues to plough on. He enforced the “Beergate” rule last year before the Carlow qualifier and it cost us. There’s a nice crop of young lads that should be available but some clubs are calling the shots.

It’ll get ugly yet when the shite starts flying.
Sad times and a grim 6 months ahead.


With regard to McKeon I heard that he wasn’t even on the beer but missed a training session and Guckian just assumed he was and didn’t pick him.

He’s the best footballer in the county. He has discipline issues alright but he can’t just be thrown by the side.

I heard other stories with regard to a player ringing to say he was missing training due to being stuck down the country unexpectedly with work. Guckian didn’t believe him and arrived out at his house to try and catch him. He was wrong and the player never played for Leitrim again.


I think what we need now is a manager with a bit of clout.

The likes of Banty or even Luke Dempsey, someone who has managed intercounty and had a bit of success, rather than the Steve Staunton appointment currently in place.

The county needs a shake up or else I can see us moving towards a Kilkenny situation before long.


So ye are just going to concentrate on the hurling.


Could ye afford him?


We paid 80k for Moran and Morrison so probably not.


80k each


No 40k each.


Thanks to the patrons of the playwright pubs in NY


I have patronised the place off Times Square myself once or twice on visits.

I am sure you have as well.


Frank is a great man to stand people a drink


Frankie is as sound as you’ll get. We soldiered together at under age back the years.
He’d be a terror if he’d been bigger…







You don’t get to own a pile of bars in NYC without knowing how to put a few bob into a brown envelope.Jack Dempseys is a great bar,the CSC upstairs used to be great craic back in the day.


12 Euro in Tesco :crazy_face:


The years in NY have done wonders for Frankie’s age I can tell you.
I know he was always small but playing U-14 at 18/19 is tearing the arse out of it. The little scallywag…:yum:


I’ve never seen the Star Wars but this fella sounds funny