The Roaster Thread


He’ll drink some porter tonight



I genuinely don’t know who this is.
Before I go googling , is he the Meath dating app rapist lad? Cos he fits that bill.

Apologies if not.


That’s him but that’s irrelevant really.


what’s a roaster?


with a tie like that he could have been an auctioneer during the boom,


Yer wan must have been fairly stuck if she picked up this lad off tinder.


If some of the posters here can get a match off Tinder, there’s hope for all sorts of deviants


I was thinking that when I saw him. The internet is great really.


The little soupcon of belly subtly appearing over his belt. You couldn’t do that if you tried.
What’s the story with him?


Seems to have stolen a phone from a girl he raped and then tried to sell the phone on donedeal


Was it @The_Dunph who used to be telling us about his exploits on tinder. It was amazing to read. Even more so when you realised he still had a Nokia 6210


Yeah. I think tinder was huge in France at the time.


And some bird holding his hand after all this. Some fucked up people out there


The article I read on it earlier said his marriage plans were in ruins, but his ex fiancée gave him a character reference. Is she definitely standing by him?


The public address in Cusack Park on Sunday announced that “a mobile eh eh eh smartphone” was handed in.


Can we get some data on which posters on here have used Tinder and seem likely to be sexual deviants


Reminds me of a story I heard about a county final in Offaly a few years ago.

At half time the man on the PA told everyone they could see the game live the following evening on TG4.


I’m in supermacs in ballindine,roaster central today.Its choc a block with mayo supporters.BTW I’m including myself.


You didn’t need to say anymore