The Roaster Thread



Fuck me. Close the thread @rocko, we’re done.


Heading to the Charleville Show tomorrow :crazy_face:


Charleville is an absolute disaster at the moment due to the road works, outside the Centra on the Limerick side. Meant to go on for another few weeks too.


Up to the 14th of July apparently… I should be alright coming from Drom.


I know there’s usually a fair bit of crossover, but those three are major candidates for the people who look slow thread


There’s a reason your one of the Top Top guys on TFK. Outstanding internetting ( the Indians would be proud of that ).


Cooper drinking wine is also quite worrying.


I pity you


Quite, Einstein


Whose the third fella? Cooper, Canning and ?


Joyce isn’t it?


Good call. I was flummoxed when I saw image first too.




BO central ?


AGM of the IAA*

Irish Asexual Association


I’d say so,out in the hot sun all day now wedged into a hot tent drinking Heineken and hoppin around to wagon wheel.Phew.



I was at a proper roaster fest this evening. A big rural funeral in high summer.
It was a jamboree of colourful short-sleeved shirts, very pale pants and bad shoes.


The Smash Hits lads were off the hook.