The Roaster Thread


Couldn’t get a pic but passed a guy in Patrickswell a while ago getting into his old Opel Astra decked out in:

Munster Jersey
Kerry shorts
Blue formal socks and black formal slip on shoes


There are a fair few lads out there whose wardrobes are simply not equipped for good weather. Unorthodox combinations of shorts, socks and shoes abound.


I know. You see lads in stuff that is a fashion disaster . No coordination


He looks like a gay traveller


Typical soccer fan



I would have posted that If I could rewind the IPTV :sweat_smile:


Shate of him. Thought of this thread when I saw him…


That lad is a member of the CCCC, secretary of Roscommon county board


Brian Carroll?




A noble pair of boots.


whist roasterish at its best from all contributors, this particular roasterism needs highlighting:


a fucking baseball cap from a service station.


has that lad scabies or something?


Classic. A roaster cap as I pointed out earlier. The peak still fresh and flat!


Even allowing for my limited knowledge of rural life it looked like they had got clattererd in muck while wearing wellington boots. He didn’t want to be seen wearing mucky wellies in to the village so changed footwear. Hunger obviously got the better of him and he left the legs half covered in shit.


I saw a right roaster the other day on the bus back to the car park at Dublin airport.
About 50 years old and the head burnt off him from the sun holiday. He was bet into a club GAA top and carrying a GAA gear bag for a suitcase and was towing about 7 children with him. He was standing and leaning against the buzzer on the bus, causing it to ring constantly. All the while he was complaining loudly about that fucking bell sound. No one had the heart to explain it to him, but everyone got a good laugh out of it after he left the bus.


My roaster father can’t get his head around power saving TVs, computers etc and insists on plugging everything out. My sky plus of the game is fucked.


You can get it on catch up TV on SKY