The Roaster Thread


The kilkenny lads hadn’t been that riled up since they broke the seige at Drogheda.


@Robert_Emmet at it again.

It’s the Cark influence


I can imagine my auld fella roaring all sorts of obscenities at the nearest rival. He normally gets back what he gives in spades but the odd time you’ll get a mild mannered young fella who can’t deal with the aggression at all. This is where the major battles are won and lost


Not proud to say but I shook my fist in the face of a few ould KK lads when Canning pointed after it was a 1 point game


Don’t be ashamed of it, this is what it’s all about


A pivotal score. I had amicable conversation with two auld lads from kk in front of me. A few heated words but less than usual. I tried to stir the pot a few times but they were gents, nearly apologising for aylwards goal, handshakes and all after.


My sister nearly got into fisticuffs with a large Galway woman behind us at a Tipp Galway match in Semple before.

Twas only a league match FFS sake :joy:


Kilkenny fans are animals during the game but grand after the whistle blows. Cork and Waterford are generally scum before, during and after games.


Mrs. Fran went to one game with me in the early days of our relationship, never again


Serious bang of Gumbyism of that headgear.


John Cleese and Doyle do not inhabit the same world


Them farmers have their own language alright


That’s why they’re dubbed “Ballysteen spuds”.
They’re all pocket/rockets from there.




Perhaps that should be in the random images thread. I’m not quiet sure.




That scarf. :smile:

The A-Team chain. :smile:

Also is that a toupee?


Is that @backinatracksuit?


That poor divil has worse stuff going on than being a roaster.