The Rugby Thread (Part 2)

Connacht from all accounts have signed an absolute headcase as cover for Hanrahan. Surely a kiwi with a serious fondness for the sup and bad discipline is still a big improvement on Carty though.

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Instant cult hero


Another one? If he turns out as well ye won’t be doing too bad

He’s made for Connacht

You’d have to feel at times Connacht are indulging a very hurtful stereotype against our brothers from NZ. We had Troy Nathan, Bungee, Muliaina and now another lad that could empty a full ashtray on some punter in the Púcán.

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Francis saili spent two years smoking fags and drinking vodka red bulls in the icon

And the rest of his time he wasted


Any update on Casey?

Aki getting a rest

WTF is that graphic. Worse than Limerick GAA

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If you’re going to drop POM (and I think it’s prob time) then I’m not sure there’s much benefit to expecting impact from him off the bench. I think I’d prefer to see Timoney.

Could be the beginning of the end for both POM and Aki …

Aki is flying it for Ireland in fairness to him

Agree. Probably just because of the headlines it’d made if he was dropped altogether for what could be his last game.


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There going to get hammered

Pissing in the smoking area too

Does he know how much it rains in galway?

Is G Thornley on the tour at all or have I just missed his articles? Was looking forward to his thoughts on the Saffer attitude to going for drinks during games.

Wiil they get a thumping today with missing so many 1st teamers.